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APUS Booster+ Small, Effective
APUS Booster+ Small, Effective


APUS Booster+ is a small utility featuring advanced memory optimization and performance boosting, thorough while durable.

APUS Booster+ Features:

  • ¤ ROOT free: APUS Booster+ cleans up the memory effective without root permission, even better than those requires root permission
  • ;
  • ¤ Thorough boost: Memory that was effectively released by APUS Booster+ is more than 50% in comparison with other boost apps;

  • ¤ 1-Tap acceleration: All you need is 1-tap, forget about manuals and instructions;

  • ¤ More durable: After stopping an app, Apus Booster also prevents it from auto restarting , which helps to ensure durable and effective boosting;
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  • ¤ Ignore list: Add app you want to keep running to ignore list;
  • APUS Booster+ and APUS Launcher born to work together, making boosting smarter, more effective and durable.

    Comments from user:

  • ¤ Incredible! Where have I been! Just installed, but from what I'm seeing, this is by far the best. Thumbs up for the nice job. Please don't spoil this with too many updates. Crosscheck issues before updating.
  • ¤ Good and fast It should get used to it of course. Look and feel very engaging and quite original. I have not yet understood whether it is possible to change the default home.
  • ¤ JR Wow!!! It's about time a real app that does what it says and not lie about what it wish it could do ....five stars from me !!!

    Enable Accessibility Services:
    Go to [System Settings -> Accessibility -> APUS Booster+ -> ON], and finish it by tapping [OK] in the following pop-up.
    You may receive a warning during the process. Tap [OK] when it's need to. The small warning pop-up is a regular reminder for any app requesting for Accessibility services, APUS Booster+ will NEVER collect any personal information.

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    APUS Booster+ Small, Effective

    APUS Booster+ Small, Effective

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