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Bug in Phone funny joke
Bug in Phone funny joke
Bug in Phone funny joke
Bug in Phone funny joke
Bug in Phone funny joke
Bug in Phone funny joke
Bug in Phone funny joke
Bug in Phone funny joke
Bug in Phone funny joke
Bug in Phone funny joke


Install "Bug in phone funny joke" in the phone of your friend and make him a good joke. This application displays on the screen of the phone very realistic animation of both awful and also scary insects. On the screen will appear cockroaches, walking from one side of the screen to the other one. You can set by yourself the time after which bugs will appear on the display. Meanwhile, user can normally use the phone: read emails, play games or browse the Internet. He won't be aware of what is going to happen and for sure he will be extremely scared seeing bugs on his screen. Great fun guaranteed.

How to make a prank? For example:
Borrow a phone from your friend for a moment and install this app. Open it and set the time for about ten seconds. Press: "Show bugs". Application will be running in the background. Give the phone back to your "victim" and ask him to do something on the phone that will keep his eyes on the phone for at least 10 seconds, (ex. check timetable, movie showtimes or weather forecast). After ten seconds, awful worms will appear on the screen and will scare your friend.

Info: at any moment, you can remove cockroaches from the screen by expanding android notification bar and touching proper notification (with this app icon). You can use "transparent notification icon" setting to make transparent icon in notification bar.

Bug application is displayed on the transparent background and on the top of all system applications. That's why you see it all the time, regardless of what you are doing on your phone.

Main features of the program:
- very realistic animation of cockroaches
- choice of time after which worms appear on the screen
- transparent notification icon
- user can work on the phone while application is displayed.

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