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Laser Pointer Simulator
Laser Pointer Simulator
Laser Pointer Simulator
Laser Pointer Simulator
Laser Pointer Simulator
Laser Pointer Simulator
Laser Pointer Simulator
Laser Pointer Simulator
Laser Pointer Simulator
Laser Pointer Simulator


Laser Pointer Simulator.

This free game provides a safe way to use a laser pointer. Use this laser simulator to play with friends or let your children play with a laser pointer simulator without worrying about their eyes.

This game has 3 different laser pointer simulator.
Each laser pointer simulator can set 3 different halos: green, red and blue.
Different wavelength for different halos and laser pointer.
Fantastic laser sound effects.
Customizable phone or tablet vibration when the halo fires.

To make the laser works just press on the button on top of the pointer, it will launch the laser light. To make the laser stops, just release your finger of the button. Easy, right? Like a real laser pointer.
On the main menu you can find three laser pointers. The laser pointer on the left side is always unblocked. To use it just tap on it. Once you have selected this or any other unblocked laser pointer simulator, then press on the button as explained above. You can also set the desired laser light color by clicking on any of the 3 colored circles that appears on the right of the laser pointer. As well you can find the views for the laser sound effects and for the smartphone or tablet vibration on the left of the laser pointer simulator.
Besides the laser pointer on the left side of the main menu there are two other laser pointers that are initially blocked. To unlock any of them you need 500 laser gems. You get gems each time you fire any unlocked laser pointer, each shot is worth a laser gem. As well you can get extra gems sharing the game on a social network: Google Plus. Once you got the necessary amount of gems then just click on the laser you want to unlock, a dialog will pop up asking for confirmation in unlocking, just choose your decision and unlock the laser simulator if you want to.

This simulation game contain ads banner and interstitial. The app is thought to allow you play simulating an actual laser pointer.

If you like the app, we would really appreciate your rate and comments.

Credits: freesfx.co.uk

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Laser Pointer Simulator

Laser Pointer Simulator

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