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Mac OS X Smart Tips
Mac OS X Smart Tips
Mac OS X Smart Tips
Mac OS X Smart Tips
Mac OS X Smart Tips


Everybody loves Apple. No matter how expensive the Mac may be it is a social symbol or a social currency as said by many. We all have been dazzled with Apple's marvels each time, be it with their product update or OS update and expect no less with its newer OS Mavericks.

Mac OS X Mavericks; the newest version of OS X from Apple has been in the news and said to be the best operating system in the world by Apple users. With 200+ new features and tons of updates and tweaks brings the beloved Mac OS X Mavericks one step closer to perfection. Presenting an app which focuses entirely on such smart tips and tricks that will boost your Apple experience is, "Mac OS X Smart Tips." Though the OS has become a major hit in very less time, the neat tips and tricks in the app "Mac OS X Smart Tips" brings you an array of some of the most tested and tried tips for enhanced and optimum use of your Apple machine. While many of the changes are under the hood, Apple also included some visible alterations and features. While most of the features are user-centric, many of them are aimed at improving your computing experience. Some of the key features of Mavericks include optimizing iBooks, setting up your Maps application, synchronizing Keychain, handling Bonjour Bookmarks and Favorites. For advanced users, get to know various Battery saving modes, handling memory, connecting Xcode with Github, caching server, the all new Bluetooth management interface and many such more neat tips. So get your boards ready, because we're going surfing at Mavericks with some of the most coolest tips and tricks that you can apply to daily use to make your Mac even better.
Download the Mac OS X Smart Tips app and enjoy better and optimum Mac computing today. Unleash the true power of your Mac OS X Mavericks today.

Disclaimer: Mac OS and its products are a trademark of Apple Inc. This app is not endorsed by Apple.

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Mac OS X Smart Tips

Mac OS X Smart Tips



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