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Osaka Travel Guide, Local Tour
Osaka Travel Guide, Local Tour
Osaka Travel Guide, Local Tour
Osaka Travel Guide, Local Tour
Osaka Travel Guide, Local Tour
Osaka Travel Guide, Local Tour


You can discover unique travel activities and tours guided in Osaka by local Japanese people to experience local culture.

We recommend this app to travelers who want to:
- Learn about Osaka local culture
- Meet and become friends with locals
- Create your own tour and travel at your own pace
- Get off the beaten path guidebooks pave

Rather than relying on a guidebook or city guide, this app lets you directly contact locals and sign up for low-price trips. It makes researching and ranking things to do in Japan much easier by putting you in the hands of local guides who can take you to non-touristy spots. Whether you are a solo student or backpackers using Hipmunk and, staying in a motel or hostel, or a group of families or friends using Triposo on vacation, tours are easy, cheap, and personalized based on your budget and schedule. A local will act as your personal guide, similar to the WhatsApp and AroundMe apps, taking you to unique, nearby locations.

This app, Meetrip, is a travel community marketplace where locals act as a city guide and recommend a variety of area-specific trips for visitors. However, where sites such as TripAdvisor,Wikitravel, and Viator only suggest popular destinations, this app allows you to personally contact a guide who will show you both unknown and famous locations found on TIME magazine’s Top 10 things to do in Osaka, as well as a non-news tourist agency guides like Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, TripIt, and mTrip. Traveling has never been easier. Often called “The Airbnb of sightseeing,” this app takes the pressure away from navigating a city guide, blog, map, or tourist brochure. Once your trip is finished, you can leave a comment or recommendation in the user review section to help future travelers.

Sites such as Expedia, Priceline, Kayak, Agoda, and Booking.com, exist so you can find inexpensive flights. CouchSurfing and hostels.com were created to give you convenient housing options while travelling. You could plan a budget trip using XE Currency, Wikitude, SayHi Translate, and UrbanSpoon to get a taste of local culture, but navigating a new city is difficult. Even if you are able to use Avis, Enterprise, Rent-a-car, or Hertz to get a car rental abroad, it is much easier to have a local show you around using public transportation. If you want a hassle-free, unforgettable day trip, you should download this free app. Forget the city guide, let locals give you a taste of the wonders of Japan, far beyond what you can find in an ordinary travel guide.

Special Features of Meetrip:

- Amazing deals of travel local activities and tours in Osaka
- Ask any travel questions to local people, such as weather and clothes
- Book directly from the app - before you travel or even while you're traveling
- Fast, simple, and secure booking
- Convenient payment process with PayPal

Some of the most popular activities are the famous sightseeing spots in Japan. With this app, however, you get a real, authentic view with local people:

- Feel the history of Osaka Castle 大阪城.
- Get to the top of landmark Tentsukaku 通天閣 advertising Hitachi. It is located in the Shinsekai 新世界 district of Naniwa-ku 浪速区.
- Go from one environment to another and feel as though you’re underwater in Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan 海遊館. You can see the wide range of habitats that make up the Pacific Rim on a tour of this fascinating aquarium.
- Spend the day shopping in Namba 難波. Takashimaya department store 高島屋 that links up with the underground mall.
- See vaudeville-like comedy performances such as Shin-Kigeki (”New comedy”), Kontos (”comic chat”), Manzai (”comic duo”) and Rakugo 落語 every day in Nanba Grand Kagetsu(NGK ) なんばグランド花月. It is the headquarters of Yoshimoto 吉本.
- Enjoy the nightlife in Dotonbori 道頓堀 the heart of Osaka, filled with theaters, restaurants, cafes, bars, arcades and nightclubs.
- Experience popular theme park, the Universal Studios Japan.
- Walk for shopping in Shinsabashi 心斎橋. You can go to Namba from here.

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Osaka Travel Guide, Local Tour

Osaka Travel Guide, Local Tour

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