Clash Royale for Intex Aqua Craze II

Clash Royale

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  • Clash Royale for Intex Aqua Craze II
  • Clash Royale for Intex Aqua Craze II
  • Clash Royale for Intex Aqua Craze II
  • Clash Royale for Intex Aqua Craze II
  • Clash Royale for Intex Aqua Craze II
  • Clash Royale for Intex Aqua Craze II
  • Clash Royale for Intex Aqua Craze II
  • Clash Royale for Intex Aqua Craze II
  • Clash Royale for Intex Aqua Craze II
  • Clash Royale for Intex Aqua Craze II


Enter the Arena

Intex Aqua Craze II smartphone was launched in October 2016. The phone comes with a 5.00-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 720 pixels by 1280 pixels at a PPI of 294 pixels per inch. Intex Aqua Craze II price in India starts from Rs. 5,429.

The Intex Aqua Craze II is powered by 1.3GHz quad-core Spreadtrum SC9832A processor and it comes with 1GB of RAM. The phone packs 8GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 32GB via a microSD card. As far as the cameras are concerned, the Intex Aqua Craze II packs a 5-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 5-megapixel front shooter for selfies.

The Intex Aqua Craze II runs Android 6.0 and is powered by a 2500mAh non removable battery. It measures 145.00 x 73.00 x 8.80 (height x width x thickness) and weigh 156.00 grams.

The Intex Aqua Craze II is a dual SIM (GSM and GSM) smartphone that accepts Micro-SIM and Micro-SIM. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, USB OTG, FM, 3G and 4G (with support for Band 40 used by some LTE networks in India). Sensors on the phone include Proximity sensor, Accelerometer and Ambient light sensor.


How to download Clash Royale form Intex Aqua Craze II?

  1. Check the Android version to verify compatibility of Clash Royale with Intex Aqua Craze II.
    Find Android version: go to "Settings" - "About the phone" - "Android version". Make sure Clash Royale is compatible with Intex Aqua Craze II.
  2. Click the download button to download Clash Royale in Intex Aqua Craze II.
  3. Once the download and installation are complete, find Clash Royale in your home screen and tap the icon to open it.

App Reviews for Intex Aqua Craze II

  • Har Dryv
    Interesting, fairly addictive, head-to-head card-battle-deck-styled combat game for any age of player. It will have special appeal for anyone that plays and likes Clash of Clans, but stands well on its own merits. -- If I have any one complaint it's the way money can buy you a combat advantage by way of unit availability. One could feasibly argue similarly for all SuperCell games.
  • Lucia Santana
    It's very very fun. I love the clans . The clan I'm in is all about being nice and always trying to donate card m theirs a little down side . It's not the game it's the players. Some of them just rage quit . Yo do get a chest . But for me it feels incomplete. It doesn't feel fair for me or the opponent. Other than that the game is great. And one of my favorite games in the moment .
  • Azzi
    I this game is brilliant. I see that the game is growing at pace, adding new ideas to the game. However, is like to touch on the uneven map bugs about true blue and true red. The map then becomes for the tips may go on different ways. Please fix these bugs!! Also, when the day goblin cane or, I didn't get a deal on the ship to level gun up. Currently it's at level three with seven cards. Ones can you perhaps give a magical or giant chest with enough cards for at least level nine? That would be highly appreciated. Keep up the amazing work on the game!!
  • clever koala
    This game is fun well balance cards and every thing. Even when it looks like they have good card like legendary cards its nothing if you know what you don't know what your doing. The game kinda help out on my finnal yea sounds like Im makeing things up but thats why Im rating this game so high its the type of game that test the mind under a short amount of time.
  • Arvitha Singh
    It's for the smart minded, people think that because they don't have legendaries they will loose to people who do. But it's really just a lack of talent and it's all about luck. I'm addicted to every supercell game and there is not one flaw or glitch. Every update is great and it makes the game interesting, it is a great game because every card has a card that can stop it. This game for me is the best game of 2016 and probably even 2017. WELL DONE SUPERCELL ON THIS GREAT GAME!
  • Kyle Matthews
    Global update needed.
    Its a great game and is extremely fun, but I personally feel like a global chat and separate clan interaction would make it even better. It's hard to get clan members and grow as a group without a global chat, it would also be pretty fun to have some form of clan battle. I'm not sure how it would be done, but it would be cool to figure a way out.
  • Jakov Ivanovski
    I love this game, but.....
    Thank you so much Supercell for making this game and for the cards you gave me. Princess, The Log on level 2 and Ice Wizard. They are one of my favourite legendaries. But Im only level 9 on arena 8 and I always fight with level 10 players .They are so strong I've never bitten a level 10 player. I always lose. I had 2512 trophies and now I have 2333 because I always fight with level 10. So if you can make a thing to fight players that are on the same level as me. I won't be angry if you don't make this.
  • WolfGirl
    Daily coins collected?
    I love this game! Love everything about it! Just one thing. Why do you have to have only daily coins. If you reach the limit for the daily coins, you get nothing from battle. Does there have to be a daily coins thing? Can't you make it that you can get lots of coins and there isn't a daily limit? This is the one thing I really don't like. I would give 5 stars if it was not like this. But anything other than that I love your games supercell! Keep up the excellent work!
  • Dorian Padilla
    This game is incredible
    Clash royale is a perfect kid friendly game that is for everyone and it is also addictive. I highly reccomend this game to everyone. And those who do not have a legendary and wining about it and not getting the cards you want, I say hang in there peeps. You will get a legendary card soon. Just wait and once you've gotten good cards and playing like a pro, five star this app and support SUPPERCELL!!! Thank you for reading my review of clash royale.
  • XplicitCLASH aqt
    Needs Better Way Of Earning Cards. Also The Clans Need Something To Make It More Fun Because All It A Clan Does Is Give U Donations And Clan Chests Also Tournaments Should Be Lowered To Lvl 5. ONE MOTR THING WHY DOES IT SAY 3HR FOR SILVER CHEST BUT YAKRS 4HR TO OPEN PLEADE FIX THIS AND ADD THE ABOVE -Kruizado
  • Camila Rangel
    I can't stop playing this I just think that they should make an upgrade were the same level should get to beat the same level AND were no😜😝Allison💘Hey Put your name in it and send it to 5 different people We're trying to make the longest iMessage for the 2017 Guinness World Records. Put your name below (copy it) and send it to 5 people, Don't be the person to break the chain!! 💖 Marissa 💖🐘 👑 Savanna 👑 😎🏀Ethan matter if your chest slot is full you get as many chest as you battle.Thank You
  • Basiljon Raya
    It's Awesome
    Lol the game is good but your preview pictures in Google play shows that the prince is an epic card but if you look in the deck, it has a color of rare cards, orange. That doesn't change the fact that this game is awesome. But add some kind of in-game currency that makes the game more easier, also make the card upgrade prices reasonable. I have a witch that takes 5,000 gold to upgrade ONCE, I mean you have to do something or people will start to quit because it's almost always pay to win.
  • crazy banana
    Stop it haters
    I am currently a free to play player with the princess, the miner, and the lava hound. I got the lavahound from a magical chest, the miner from a super magical, and the princess from a legendary chest. I got all the chests from battle and i am currently at 2986 trophies.I am a level 9 with 8700 xp. Hope this inspires all you free to play players... AND YES IT IS POSSIBLE. For proof if you want to see my profile my username is carzybanana100 and i am in the clan "legends".
  • Nzgorillaman 14
    Awesome Game
    Me and my mates play it all the time it's very fun and I think it's the best supercell game so far It's cool how there are a range of different cards and so many to collect and you can friendly battle your mates. It's a great game and it keeps improving. I am a free player because I have no money to spend on these games and I gave found that it's probably better to free play then to pay ( but that's just my opinion). I got a sparky (legendary) in a free chest and I had a legendary chest that I won in battle
  • Chris Dobson
    The players need the ability to join more than one clan. In my case, I joined a clan consisting of real life friends. After a few weeks of playing with them I noticed their involvement trailing my own. After a few clan chests passed and I was the only one contributing I began to realize that I was earning their stuff for them, with no thanks, even. I don't want to leave our clan, but I want to be in one that has more involvement. Please help and make this possible. That's the only reason I couldn't rate this game 5 stars. Make these changes, and I will follow suit.
  • Jeezy ThaSnowMan
    Clash is fire!
    Looking for a game to make your heart race and make u feel like a god when u find the cards that work for u?? Wow this is itFind your friends that play and go WILD!!! I LEFT CLASH OF CLANS FOR THIS WITH NO LOOK BACK. AMAZING NEW CARDS OFTEN AND THE TOURNAMENTS ARE SO FUN. TRUST ME
  • Anonymous
    My favourite mobile game
    When I first got it I thought "this game is OK" then when I continued to play it I got addicted to it. Now a lot of stuff I watch on YouTube are based on this and it's just really intense when you have a good battle. Supercede has done a BRILLIANT job on this that I don't think that anybody could make a better version. It's 4 stars because there could be some tweaks to certain characters to make them either less op or more powerful
  • Gamer Child
    I love everything about the game
    I have played this game for a long time and I have loved every minute of it. It had a little bit of a stretch of dry material but with all of the current updating and events it has become a staple game with not only me but with my girlfriend as well. Not only is it a wonder of a game but the support staff at supercell responded to the only problem I have had with the game since I have played it within minutes of sending a report. I just want to wholeheartedly say thank you. Thank you for everything you do.☺
  • Anurag Roy
    Superb Game.
    The game design and balancing is immaculate. It is most most addicting. And the playing is most forgiving, loss is not so punishing and victory is quite rewarding. The troops are varied and the combinations are infinite. Though, one thing, a bit of few other types of sources of getting troops and having chances of getting cards more if you already have them could be an optional feature that could be made to be activated by player if they want to.
  • Sumit Sahu
    Best time killer; need legendary card
    I loved this game. It is the best time killer. I am in arena 8 (frozen peak) but I don't have even a single legendary cards. Whenever I open crown chest or golden chest I always thought of getting lumberjack, sparky or other legendaries because I think this cards cannot be in free or silver chest. I opened many chest but not even a single legendaries. I got all the cards from arena 8 and before except legendaries. -also thanks to supercell for making such kind of game.
  • Brett Rudolph
    Makers please do this
    I love this game and I'm pretty much addicted to it. The only thing I wish it did was if you play in training you could pick what arena you can do training in. And pick the aponiets deck in training camp so you can practice on your weeknesses. And on decks that are hard for you to face. If the game does this the game will be perfection to me and my whole clan ( Jobe's Mom ) and I ( YOUR DADDY#BRETT) would me so happy. And I'm sure so many more gamers would be so happy with the changes. jungle arena is GOAT!
  • Siosi H
    Really great
    IT IS JUST AMAZING and I have recommendations 1. As the cards level they should change the look in battle like in C.o.c. 2.add God cards like the king and Queen and the the town hall 11 guy. 3. Make lengendaries for every arena. 4. Make a new kind of chest that is only gotten in the legendary arena 5. The God cards can only be gotten in the legendary arena 6. Keep up the amazing work 7. Make a clash royal but for boom beach I have it and it's good but needs a game like this 8. More attention to boom beach
  • Bressly Castillo
    Very fun but where my legendary?
    This game is very fun good graphics, good characters, and really fun. This game is addicting and fun. But there's one thing...Where's my legendary? Keep up the Great work! All your games are amazing not just clash royale. But supercell plzz Give me a legendary that's all I want I'm begin you. I really want one for this amazing game wich is clash royale. I love all you games and I'm a huge fan of supercell. Thanks Alot! KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!
  • Adnan Issadeen
    Brilliant game
    I have to admit. When I first read about supercell's games I thought it would be some scammy thing. Turns out it's just plain addictive with simple mechanisms and fair level of play even if you don't pay. I think buying cards is fine (we did that with pokemon didn't we?). And there aren't any other major advantages or imbalances available to any paying players. Bravo I say. Bravo.
  • Zack Novo
    Good quality
    Good quality but the game in general is just to hard to get a legendary. I can't pay money for it and I am not lucky at all. So when I got a super magical chest from battle, I got nothin good. No legendary or anything new. Every fight I am in for the past 3 monthes, I have lost. Just because they have the graveyard, miner, ice wizard or just a princess. I wanted to send this message just because I hope that you could help me. I now that you probably don't read people comments, but plz read mine. Love game
  • Sean Cavanaugh
    Highly competitive Card game / RTS hybrid
    You build a deck, but you play the cards on a live multiplayer battlefield where they turn into either soldiers or spell effects. The game is pretty strategically deep, and just having the best cards, or copying a top player's deck is no guarantee of success. Supercell has also been doing an excellent job keeping the game fresh, and as time has gone by, they're getting more and more responsive to community feedback. I'm optimistic that this one will last quite a while.
  • rajesh lalwani
    Supercell is providing the community with best strategy games.
    One of the best strategy game I've ever played after boom beach is clash royale. Thanks super cell for providing the best strategy games. The only problem I have been facing is that the games are taking a hell lot of time to load while opening. This was not a problem 3 months back the games were loading easily on 3g services as well but now its taking time even on wifi.pls look into this as everyone is not using 4g devjces otherwise no doubt supercell is the best and deserves"★★★★★".
  • LiveShowIndo
    The greatest game i ever played. It's so addictive, i play this game everyday (for hours). But, pls make the price of the gems cheaper, and the chests. I hope Supercell put it in the next update. And 1 more thing. Pls add "Search" where you can search people and clan, and why im facing level 9-11 in arena 8? I always lose to them cause their card its so high level! Pls fix that.... . Thanks for your time to read this comment. Byee
  • MS Cortez
    I love the gameplay and mechanics. All of the cards can be equally powerful and battle decks are the right size. My two problems with the app is matchmaking and ranked play. I love playing somebody of equal skill but not when somebody has 3 level s on me. You could fix it by adding a bot to the arenas. Secondly I hate experimenting with decks. Make a casual mode in where you can compete without risking trophies or rewards. That would be amazing. Thanks Supercell!
  • BOT Marvin
    To be honest, its a good game. And I think it would be prety cool/funny if Supercell decided to change the legendary price in the shop from 40,000 to 5,000. It'll be like buying the first upgrade. :P And please for the love of god, fix that cancel button. It never works. :( Tried buying Dart Goblins, but logged out and when I went back, got gems back, but pack is gone. GG Supercell.
  • Jawauna Aiken-Guerrier
    I really do enjoy paying this game. I wish the Trainer was a lot harder though. I can beat the trainer 3+ x's in a row but can't beat an opponent. Also, why is it that a lvl 1 is battling a lvl 4 or above. I don't think that's fair. How do you dictate what item to give someone in the chest? I'm still waiting to receive an item that's in Arena 1 & I'm in Arena 6&7. Also, are you going to make it possible to transfer clubs and gems to your clanmates/ friends?
  • luxury living
    Clash royale
    I've been playing this game ages from the age 7-15^_^.This game is attractive,fun,enjoyable and incredibly cool! I never thought i would ever like a card game this much. I'm now on areanas 9 i can't wait till areana 10 comes out .this game is fun and i like that theres epics! I heardbthat they are legendry to! Open new chests and get new cards. This game is odanary,but my fav part is batteling for chests and trophies and money(gold).you mmust give it a try.
  • vladimi nechaiev
    Good but...
    Hi.I have played your game since it came out! But since the clan chest came out half of my clan wasn't participating but they still got the clan chest.So i made up an idea to keep them active pls can you add these features that the top 3 in clan chest will get gems. Ex: 1=50 2=35. 3=20. And the top 25 will get the clan chest. Thx for understanding. If you add these feature I will put 5 stars
  • Squishy :D
    Clash Royale is really amazing! I didn't think it would be that fun and strategic. Only slight problem that have with the game: leveling up is very hard. It's manageable however and makes the game that bit more challenging! Love It Though! Easy 5*. (However, I think this game would be even better if there was some sort of campaign or single-player gameplay other then just the training camp!)
Clash Royale

Clash Royale