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3D Tattoo Sticker Maker
3D Tattoo Sticker Maker
3D Tattoo Sticker Maker
3D Tattoo Sticker Maker
3D Tattoo Sticker Maker


Creative way to make cool 3D tattoo virtually, unleash your inner artist

Cool 3D Tattoo Maker application consists of the various types of tattoo designs for men & women, such as: tribal, skull, cool, 3d tattoo design, best photo editor and more. This application will only show you the best and recommended tattoo for men & women as your inspiration to make your perfect tattoo on your body.

Tattoo art has been used since a long time as a popular form of body adornment, but like all other art forms, this one too has undergone phenomenal changes as it has been touched by progress in technology.

Cool 3D Tattoo Maker app should be more than skin-deep. Remember that 3D tattoos will stay on your skin forever. You should pick a design that you personally want and that is significant to you.
Female tattoos are smaller, delicate and feminine in design. They are varied and unique to match the individuality of all the tattooed girls. There are a different variety of fascinating girl tattoos like demons, girl tattoos, sparrows, sacred hearts, angel wings, tiger, butterflies, hearts, roses and cherry blossoms. Girls get their 3D tattoo designs done on the lower back, left shoulder, ankle, upper breast, stomach, or bikini area. Tattoos on shoulder have more visibility and especially looks great when wearing, sleeveless tops, tank tops or halter tops. Ankle 3D tattoos are cute and are a great accent when wearing slippers, sandals or flip-flops.

The most important aspect of 3D Tattoo, in addition to choosing the right design, is its right placement. Basically, the place for having a tattoo inked is determines by the size of the tattoo. A larger tattoo looks good at large surface areas such as back, stomach, sleeve, rib, chest, thighs, legs and shoulder, while smaller and more delicate designs are featured on small areas such as ankles, legs, wrists, neck, spine, back of the ear and even on fingers. The idea is to grab attention, whether the size of the tattoo is big or small. It should just be eye catching enough to convey the true attitude and feelings of the bearer.
We have various 3D Heart tattoos, crazy and cute tattoos, skull and tribal tattoos, tattoo fonts, funny tattoos, tattoos for women, dragon tattoo, Black & Gray designs - just take your pick.

Steps to follows:
• Open app, click a new Pic from camera or select any image from your phone gallery,
• Pinch to zoom image with just 2 fingers on next screen as per your choice/liking,
• Choose any Tattoo image of your choice from 2 folders in the footer or you may also choose any goggle image from 3rd folder
• Drag and position the 3D Tattoo effects image anywhere on the image, increase/decrease its size and place wherever you like,
• You may use opacity feature available just below your image as slider, it is used to darken or lighten the 3D Tattoo effect as per your liking
• Instant save & share it with your friends/relatives via Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other service you have installed on your device.

• Create a tattoo with realistic photo stickers for men as well as women!
• Easy to use software for fun photo editing!
• Decorate your body with virtual tattoo photo stickers!
• Make awesome photo manipulations with various photo stickers! 
• Amazing tattoo designs with cool dragons, tribal and animals!
• Free tattoo gallery full of cool stickers you can easily attach to your pics!
• Upload any image from your mobile device and start photo editing!
• Take pics directly from your device.
• Cool photo effects that will make your fake tattoos look realistic!
• Enjoy the beauty of tattoo art and put some fake ink on your body!
• Personalize your tattoo design photo montage and put text on pictures!
• Share your 3D tattoo montage with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc!

Thanks for using this app, leave us your feedback and we will consider them for future updates!
Write us suggestions and rate this app to encourage us.
Thank you.

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3D Tattoo Sticker Maker

3D Tattoo Sticker Maker

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