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Act of War: Pacific Assault
Act of War: Pacific Assault
Act of War: Pacific Assault
Act of War: Pacific Assault
Act of War: Pacific Assault
Act of War: Pacific Assault
Act of War: Pacific Assault
Act of War: Pacific Assault
Act of War: Pacific Assault
Act of War: Pacific Assault


This air combat simulator lets you fly a supersonic F-14 Tomcat fighter jet that is armed to the teeth. Your mission is to take out the enemy jet fighter planes and destroy enemy navel vessels and bunkers.

Experience true to life dog fighting in this exhilarating combat sim. Chose between first person cockpit view for precision attacks or view your aircraft from the back for tactical overview. You can even switch to your tail camera in case you need to outsmart bogey rockets and enemy warplanes. Majestically leave your flight carrier by applying just the right throttle and safely land on it in between missions to restock on weapons and fuel. Check your cockpit display for fresh missions and targets and scan the vast sea for enemy threats such as navy units and bogeys.

Punch your afterburner and fire your rockets and machine guns like a true ace! Save the world and become a real fighter pilot hero!

Highly intense top gun dogfighting
True to life aircraft handling
Intuitive control scheme
Switch between cockpit and third person view
Take-off and land on your aircraft carrier
Perform exhilarating stunts such as loopings
Attack the naval ship and take out its battery of flak cannons
Shoot down enemy aircraft with your machine gun fire and heat seaking rockets
Amazingly crisp 3D graphics

The first American fighter to incorporate the lessons learned in the skies over Vietnam, the F-14 was meant to be a long-range interceptor capable of interdicting strikes against American carrier groups as well as an agile air superiority fighter. To accomplish these missions, the aircraft was designed to fire the long-range AIM-54 Phoenix missile, but also carried shorter range air-to-air missiles such as the AIM-9 Sidewinder and AIM-7 Sparrow. In addition, it was fitted with the M61 Vulcan gun.

Initially powered by two Pratt & Whitney TF30 engines, the aircraft was intended to receive the F100 shortly after production began. This upgrade did not occur and it was not until 1987, that the F-14's engines were significantly improved. A key element of the aircraft's design was its variable geometry wings. Able to move between 20° and 68° in flight, they were controlled by the F-14's air data computer. Typically, they were swept forward to allow the aircraft to turn tightly in a dogfight and swept back during high-speed intercepts.
Joining the fleet in September 1974, the F-14 replaced the F-4 Phantom II. First serving aboard USS Enterprise,the aircraft aided in covering the American withdrawal from Saigon. Six years later, the F-14 first saw combat over the Gulf of Sidra on August 19, 1981. Engaged by two Libyan Su-22s, F-14s from VF-41 downed both aircraft. Seven years later, two F-14s from VF-32 shot down two Libyan MiG-23s over the same waters. Though intended as an air superiority fighter, the F-14 saw its first extended combat use as a photo reconnaissance aircraft.

In 1991, the F-14 returned to its traditional mission as part of Operation Desert Storm. Initially, the Tomcat was limited to combat air patrols and escorting strike aircraft as overland air superiority had been assigned to Air Force F-15s. It was during this conflict that the only F-14 lost to enemy action was downed when one was struck by an SA-2 surface-to-air missile. While the pilot was rescued, the RIO was taken prisoner by the Iraqis. Operation Desert Storm saw the F-14 achieve its final air-to-air kill when one shot down a Mi-8 helicopter with an AIM-9 Sidewinder.
Following Desert Storm, the F-14 saw action during the 1995 and 1999 NATO operations over the former Yugoslavia. Sandwiched between these was participation in the Operation Desert Fox in Iraq (1998). In the wake of 9/11, the F-14 led several of the first strikes into Afghanistan in the opening hours of Operation Enduring Freedom. It subsequently saw service over Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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Act of War: Pacific Assault

Act of War: Pacific Assault

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