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Affirmation Basics
Affirmation Basics
Affirmation Basics


A research has revealed that human beings tend to have 4 5 , 0 0 0 and 5 1 , 0 0 0 number of thoughts on a daily basis .
So you can say it comes down to roughly 1 5 0 to 3 0 0 thoughts every moment .
Also to note is the damage factor .
The research has revealed that around 8 - % of people are affected by these thoughts .
From the Base Level When we start from our conscious cognizance level , all we know is that around 5 1 , 0 0 0 thoughts are fall into the category of the “sub -conscious ” thoughts .
And truly they are the affirmations that tend to convert your subconscious thoughts into the conscious ones .
The question is what actually makes your thoughts and you consciously cognizant ? “ Affirmations ” ! Yes , that ’s right , affirmations do so .
When you start to take a conscious decision upon your thoughts , you become much more aware in reality about the thoughts that are more like a threat for you and are taking a toll on your mind .
In reality this phenomenon comes down to be really interesting .
This comes to be the hard truth of life akin to what your mother had warned you , “ What you give is what you get ” .
Thus , she already had told you the reality of the universe in what you sow is shall you reap .
So better be cognizant of your thoughts .
If you are not one , your thoughts shall damage you too .
Also to note is the fact that when you are really not aware of your thoughts , you tend to go through a downfall in a major way .
Let ’s refer to the 8 0 % of figure that was quoted in the first paragraph of this book .
This can actually become worse when you tend to over think and when you over think around 5 1 , 0 0 0 of your thoughts are carried forward to the next day .
This won ’t really help you out .
It ’s time to change the affirmations We have been talking about affirmations .
Before we go ahead , it is very important for us to understand what affirmations are actually .
When you affirm something , it means you are stating it in a positive manner .
To affirm is too assert the reality and to firmly announce it all .
Moreover , it is all about stating the real that is actually real .
Affirmations that you can use for yourself - The Money Mogul : it ’s me ! - What I do is success and success is ME- My mind is energised , clear and focused - What is happening feels completely right and perfect - Pleased , Healthy and fantastic : I feel it from deep within ! When you take up this practice , what you ’ll notice is that you start to repair your damaging self or your thoughts slowly and gradually .
This would take you to the next level , helping you inculcate ambitiousness , self -confidence , positivity , belief and much more in yourself .
Moreover , if there is an individual who is too shy or has a low confidence level , these affirmations would help them to build a great wall of self -confidence in themselves .
They can easily transform into someone who more self -assured and outgoing rather than what they used to feel , introvert and timid ! When you sync yourself with the affirmations and keep them repeating , you will learn to interact with your inner self and this would fulfil your contentment towards life .
This is how you ’ll learn to generate a power of self learning from within .
Now the question is , when you use these affirmations , what actually happens ? How are you able to utilize the affirmations ? Pretty simple ! It ’s helpful and keeps you in a shift as you brain interprets the information and you get a better command on yourself .
This is all for the Goodness in YOU! What is an Affirmative Prayer ? A form of a prayer which is more focused on the results than the negative situation .
It ’s kind of a “metaphysical process ” in the actual term .

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