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Al Quran Audio Full Offline
Al Quran Audio Full Offline
Al Quran Audio Full Offline
Al Quran Audio Full Offline
Al Quran Audio Full Offline
Al Quran Audio Full Offline
Al Quran Audio Full Offline


By downloading and installing the application Quran Audio Full 30 Juz, you can listen to all the verses in the Quran and also all the verses in the Qur'an, without exception, although the size of this application is small at about 90 Mega but already contains audio all the letters in the Al Quran is complete. Application Al Quran audio is also very for you who are memorizing the Koran. Since this application has features - features that are quite complete.

Features - features that are available:
- Audio / MP3 is already included in the installer, so you do not need to download them again when running this application and can be run offline
- There is a button play, stop and pause at each sura.
- The application is still running even though the screen is off or you are running other applications.
- To turn off applications running in the back just press the music icon in the top left corner and turn off.
- There is a repetition or repeat mode settings
- You can share / share to friends via medsos, email or via bluetooth.
- At the time of playing the audio you can simply move to another surah click title will display a selection of surah surah to scroll downwards or upwards.
- You can set your every surah your favorite as a ring tone, notification tone or alarm tone you, how by clicking on the name of the sura and hold it will display options.
- etc

NB: This initial version without any ads either advertising banner and interstitial ads that usually passable disturbing scene, so wait no more please download and install on your Android smartphone, before the paid version or a version that contains advertisement published.

Hopefully Quran Audio Full application could be useful for you and the Muslims in general. If anything is missing please provide feedback to the benefit and improvement of this application. Thanks.

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Al Quran Audio Full Offline

Al Quran Audio Full Offline

Wuvi Studio


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