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Alarm Barcode
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Alarm Barcode
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Warning! This app is not suitable for those who are easily awakened

Alarm Barcode is an innovative alarm app. Alarm Barcode is designed in such a way to make sure users get up (and of course do not fall asleep again). Put it simply, you have to scan the barcode to turn off the alarm, which certainly makes you stand and leave your mattress. The idea is simple but effective.

Only few alarm app that has been use this feature (<- written on 08/22/2014). Alarm Barcode is inspired by other alarm app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kog.alarmclock&hl=en . The alarm has very many features. While Alarm Barcode use only one effective feature and optimize it.

Main Design:
+ Using simple possible design, because we do not want to make you stress when you want to set an alarm.
+ Barcode of any product can be used. We suggest that you use Barcode which is located in the bathroom, a refrigerator, or a place to eat. Use clear Barcode and scan the Barcode in the bright place.
+ Alarm Barcode has really annoying ringtone, ringtone that can make you wake up (or make someone to wake you up) and (we are sorry) you can't change the ringtone.
+ You can only have one alarm at a time (no repetition feature), which means that if you intend to get up you have to set this alarm. Thus you have helped Alarm Barcode and yourself to wake up with your own good intention.
+ There is a notification feature that will warn you that the alarm is active. So there will be no problems like alarm is ring without us knowing in the middle of activities.
+ You can write Reminder Text that will appear when the alarm is active, it is advisable to write the things that make you not fall asleep again.
+ No Snooze feature. Snooze will only make you more lazy (in our opinion).
+ After turning off the alarm, you will be presented with social media apps on your device. Tell your friend that you are now able to get up in the morning. Busy yourself after wake up.

Additional Features:
+ Headset Mode feature. This feature is the answer for sleeping in public transportation problem. You can use your headset and set the alarm, so do not miss your destination.
+ Quick Setup Widget feature that makes easy for you to set the alarm. You do not have to open the Barcode Alarm to set the alarm time and turn it on. The last Barcode and Reminder Text will be used. If you want to replace Barcode and Reminder Text there is button on the Quick Setup Widget that will open the Alarm Barcode.
+ Notification feature can tell you when the alarm is active. This notification can not be removed as long as the alarm is still active. Maybe it will interfere with your vision a little bit, but dont worry, because when the alarm is deactivated, the notification will be automatically removed.
+ Automatic Restoration feature will automatically load the information back shortly after the device is turned on (boot).

- It is recommended to install Alarm Barcode on the internal storage. Quick Setup Widget Features and Auto Restoration feature will not work if you install Alarm Barcode on the external storage. If you do not have a choice but have to install it on external storage, Auto Restoration feature can be run by manually open the Alarm Barcode.

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Alarm Barcode

Alarm Barcode

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