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Alien Blaster: Bubble Shooter
Alien Blaster: Bubble Shooter
Alien Blaster: Bubble Shooter
Alien Blaster: Bubble Shooter


Alien Blaster Bubble Shooter

✔ Reach for the stars.
✔ Get the magic potion.
✔ Save the cute aliens.

It is really entertaining to shoot the bubbles and to get the bubble blast at the fingertips. Wondering how you can get the hang of this bubble crush game obsession? Download the free Android app Alien Blaster at your android device and start enjoying unlimited fun and excitement to get the maximum bubbles blasted on your screen.

How to play the game:

You have to follow only one dictum here: you need to crush bubble as many as you can at one shot. However, all the bubbles you are aiming have to be of the same color and they can be shot at if there is opportunity to match 3 bubbles of same color. You may adjoin the bubble pops by employing your reflex and speculation so that you can enjoy bumper blast to bag more scores! Shoot the bubble as maximum with the help of power boosters for more score to accumulate! It is an easy and fun game; like adults it is highly intriguing about bubble shooter for kids also. So what you need to do is:

✔ You need to shoot the bubble in the space.
✔ Now you need to search for the stars.
✔ After discovery of the star collect the potion.
✔ Now you need to save the innocent aliens.
✔ The amazing features of the game.

Before you download the bubble blast game, do not forget for checking its interesting features.

✔ Easy to read user interface, and lively animation,
✔ Compatible for playing on android mobile and tablets,
✔ You can get to use special bubbles and booster to boost your score: be a winner,
✔ Availability of leader board access so that you can show your score to your friends via social networking sites like Facebook,
✔ There are more than 100 levels to pass: the game is indeed addicting,
✔ For each complete level you(the player) will get rewards of 10 stars FREE,
✔ You can use stars for purchasing power ups: the options are fireballs, color bomb, facility for shooting more 5 bubbles or you can purchase more 5 lives!
✔ This game is free, no in-app purchases needed inside game course.


✔ Fireball - Watch out! This fireball can destroy the whole lot in this way!
✔ Colour Bomb - Clear the group of near balls!

Download the alien's bubble blast on your android device and start shooting at colored bubbles. This is an easy game where kids and adults will play with equal enthusiasm and enjoy grand success.

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Alien Blaster: Bubble Shooter

Alien Blaster: Bubble Shooter



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