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All Prayers & Prayer Learning
All Prayers & Prayer Learning
All Prayers & Prayer Learning
All Prayers & Prayer Learning
All Prayers & Prayer Learning
All Prayers & Prayer Learning
All Prayers & Prayer Learning
All Prayers & Prayer Learning
All Prayers & Prayer Learning
All Prayers & Prayer Learning


2077 pieces of different categories of prayers and pray with 10,000 units in the first and only sends you instant notification of this application with prayers constantly updating itself. Share Whether you want to read.

  Through practice we have developed a special offer you can see on the screen instant notifications of new reports. You can read the news with grid view or list view. Dark Night of the viewing options that you have read the news (Black) your eyes on a black background with white articles by selecting the contact, you can read the news without fatigue. You can edit the advanced settings menu notifications from Notification settings organized news.

Using the easy application!

This application is available Sliding Web interface. When you slide your finger over the screen from left to right of any income menus. When you drag down further publication, you hold down the publication list options, you can adjust the settings from the menu. You can turn pages in the book reads like.

WiFi, 3G, 4G settings available.
If you like the content, pictures, you can do it only when connected to WiFi settings automatically synchronize the settings to take than the background menu. This allows you to exceed the quota problem.

Open the synchronized time or decrease the
Synchronized time default is 1 hour. So 1 hour checks a site; If offers pulls content. You can download it for up to 15 minutes.

20 languages available
Whatever the language of your phone; practice writing all menus except that language itself automatically translates content.

Add Favorite
You can add your favorite news by clicking on the star icon in the upper right corner to read later.

Share your content anywhere on
  Click the Share button in the upper right corner of the page, you can share content to news reading now 40 social network.

Hide Read Content
After clicking on any category to hide the contents of your phone menu button or menu button at the top right, you can hide or conceal been read from by clicking on the option. You can change the rankings.

1. The content menu is entered in the last 24 hours
2. All new menu
3. Bookmarks menu
4. Download / Download menu
5. Synchronize Now option
6. 2 theme / Night Light White Tame / Night Black Dark Themes
7. Black theme does not tire the eyes
8. Synchronization Settings menu
9. Automatic background synchronization
10. Sync interval to derive up to 24 hours 15 minutes
11. You are synchronized option at startup
12. Entries, only WiFi option for images and downloads
13 screens and menus to hold the presentations have been read as a favorite
14 30 display language
15. Total storage can store new content
16. Automatically cleans been read, unread automatically clear the option to clear the search history
17. Notices to adjust, notification vibration, to set the ring and flash light
18. Ability to hide as read
19. Count all as read
20. Ability to delete all
21. Ability to delete been read
22. Ability to change the sorting options
23 to change the look (Flat view, list view)
24 to adjust the font size
25. Google Translate Feature
26. Ability to copy the link or site without viewing (Web View)
27. Search feature

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All Prayers & Prayer Learning

All Prayers & Prayer Learning



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