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Allies Personal Safety
Allies Personal Safety
Allies Personal Safety
Allies Personal Safety
Allies Personal Safety
Allies Personal Safety
Allies Personal Safety


Allies Protector is a FREE application that allows you to be protected by friends and family who have Allies Pro. See below for details about what you get with Allies Protector and Allies Pro.

Sign-up is easy and takes less than 5 minutes. This app is ideal for families with kids, college students, single adults, and senior citizens.

Allies is a technology that transforms your phone into the a next-gen personal safety device. With the press of a single button (the Help button), you can alert your friends, family, and neighbors that you need help -- AND it will tell them precisely where you are. Pressing the Help button also connects you to our a specialist at our dedicated 24/7 Emergency Response Center who will stay on the phone with you until help arrives. They can also route the call to the nearest 911 operator if needed.

Not only will this app connect you to your friends, family, and neighbors when you need them, but it will also give you invaluable location-based safety information and tools, including Threat Level, Danger Zones, Safe Zones, crime data, and where sex offenders live.

What you get with Allies Protector (Free):
- Invite friends & family to your Safety Network
- View GPS Location of Safety Network
- View Crime Data on Map
- View Sex Offenders on Map
- Receive Push Alerts from Protectee
- View Protectee's GPS Location
- View Protectee's Medical Info During Incident
- View Threat Level

What you get with Allies Pro for just $9.99/mo:
- All Allies Protector features
- 1-touch Emergency Response (Help Button)
- 911 Call Escalation – Routing to Nearest Responder
- Safety Network Conference Bridge
- Personal Safety Profile
- Create a Personal Safety Network (friends, family, neighbors)
- View GPS Locations of Safety Network Members
- View Public Danger and Safe Zones on Map
- View and Set Private Danger and Safe Zones
- Customer Support
- Opt-in for Community Watch
- Receive Danger Zone Proximity Push Alerts
- Report Danger and Safe Zones
- Video Streaming During Incidents
- Help Button Alert Reports
- View Daily and Monthly Threat Level Trends
- Photo Storage of Family Members, Pets, and Property
- Family Safety Management System

NOTE: Your Help button is a real emergency tool. Please do not play with it. Abuse of the Help button may cause account deactivation.

Allies is provided by MobileTREC, the world’s leading innovator of mobile, personal-safety services.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact customer support at 888-885-0887 for help.

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Allies Personal Safety

Allies Personal Safety



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