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AlwaysSMS keeps you in touch with your close ones when it matters!

Sometimes, you just have to put the phone on silent. An important meeting, during class, during a presentation and so on. But, what happens if there is an emergency? If the kids has had an accident at school, if your pregnant wife is about to give birth, if there is a fire at your home or if there is a disaster warning and you need to gather your family? That meeting isn't more important than that, is it?

AlwaysSMS allows you to select contacts in your list which are trusted. In an emergency, these persons, only, can then send SMS with an exclamation point (!) as the first character. Regardless of if your phone is set to silent or not, it will still sound a loud siren and vibrate.

As you select who is allowed to send emergency messages to you, it won't be abused (and, if it is, just uncheck them from the list of allowed senders).

While the sender does not need to have any special app installed, they just need to remember to start the SMS with an exclamation point, it's still recommended to install it on all phones in the family, so you always can reach each other in an emergency. Prepare for emergency now, you can't prepare retroactively.

AlwaysSMS only runs when an SMS is recieved, so it will not drain your battery.

This free version is for evaluation purposes. It will work as the full version, but will only show a silent alarm. It does, however, provide an option to test how an alarm will sound. Look at the screen shots to see how the alarm will look.

As always, please, if you find a bug, give me a chance to fix it before giving a bad review.

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AlwaysSMS Free

AlwaysSMS Free

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