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Arcangel PRIME is an enterprise service that requires a PRIME account. Please contact your organization's ArcAngel administrator or contact your Patrocinium sales representative for more information.

We live in a world of unprecedented threats: weather, disease, resources, economic and terrorism. The speed at which the world changes is extraordinary – it’s an unpredictable place to live in and like never before there are serious threats to our national security and personal security. We need a solution that is thoughtful of the global threat climate and takes advantage of technology to keep our citizens safe. Arcangel is an innovative mobile app that provides instant communication between individuals, loved ones, and the professionals that keep them safe in times of crisis.

Unlike any other capability of this kind our customer has a team of prior service law enforcement and special operations professionals providing 24x7x365 situational awareness.

Whether you are a parent, an educator, a building manager, international traveler, or anyone else concerned about staying safe in an unpredictable world, Arcangel has been designed with your safety needs in mind.

ARCANGEL is an innovative mobile app that serves as a guardian Angel in an emergency, connecting loved ones with families and sending real-time data to first responders – with Arcangel you are never alone!

Patrocinium Systems (Arcangel creator) is dedicated to empowering our citizens with information superiority, to protect themselves from unforeseen dangers – in times of crisis. Just like our forefathers who took it upon themselves to establish security mechanisms to warn each other of eminent threats approaching our nations boarders – Patrocinium Systems is taking advantage of modern technology to answer those needs for our customers via our Arcangel mobile application.

We understand the importance of getting time sensitive information in the hands of first responders, providing pertinent information for security and safety personnel in large-scale incidents so they can readily assist people in distress, anytime and anywhere. Additionally, people often feel helpless, vulnerable, and frightened by the trauma of their victimization – we focus on solutions that embolden the average citizen to be ready - no longer a victim. Therefore Patrocinium Systems introduces a technology that creates a public-private partnership for the protection of everyone with a smart phone.

Archangels’ approach is like the old folk story titled Stone Soup where a drifter motivates hungry towns people to come together, by contributing food to create stone soup. It is usually told as a lesson in cooperation, especially amid scarcity. In varying traditions, the stone has been replaced with other common inedible objects; in Archangel the object is information. In an era of social media Archangel empowers organizations, governments and academia to create a common operational picture (COP) of any incident through the contribution of the citizens. Archangel brings clarity in the mist of chaos and facilitates strangers to work together in times of panic.

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ArcAngel PRIME

ArcAngel PRIME

Patrocinium Systems, LLC


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