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Around Useful Navigation Lite
Around Useful Navigation Lite
Around Useful Navigation Lite
Around Useful Navigation Lite
Around Useful Navigation Lite
Around Useful Navigation Lite
Around Useful Navigation Lite
Around Useful Navigation Lite
Around Useful Navigation Lite
Around Useful Navigation Lite


** Lite version is deleted function of reading contacts and camera view display from the normal version.
Lite version does not need permissions of "Your personal information" and "Hardware controls".**

Around Useful Navigation App immediately provides the shops, facilities, and places information around you with quick searching for free!
This app helps you have a good sense of direction just by holding aloft your smart Phone and looking through the AR screen!

*** Downloaded more than 450,000 times on smartphones and tablets already. (sum all series) ***

With Around Useful Navigation, you can:
- easy search. You select a keyword from the list menu. The keyword frequently used is registered by long tap search histories, and call "Favorite search word".
- set a search center point. The search by Google place is based this center point (= orange marble) (or present location (= blue marble)). It is easy to find shops of purpose. And you can know results shop list order by distance and straight-line distance between this center point (or present location) and shops or facilities of search results. And in the state that chose place of the search results or "Favorite place", you put the search window in the "@#" command, set the search center point its place, and easy to see the distance in a straight line from that location, it's convenient!
- For example, a gourmet special feature of TV around xxx-station, move the search center point to type "@xxx-station" in the search window, you can search by store name by TV was introduced the restaurant of interest to be registered in the "Favorite place" and call later!
- using the search engine of Google Place, it's a high quality search.
- also supports Google Place Search category by "Category search". It's regardless of language and region.
- put the place to "Favorite place" simple registration long press the list. And the map long press.
- put your present location (or search center point) registered fast to the "Favorite place", above "Reg" button. In addition, you can call its place from "Favorite place" easily when you want to come back in its place!
- access to more information about shops and facilities by "Detail" button, and makes it easy to find the detail in word of the facility and shop!
- show the route of destination and search centers (or present location) in "Navi" button, work with the Google Map App.

- This has three screens display user interface linked AR screen , map screen , shop and facilities list menu screen.
Direction of the AR view here. You can know easy the direction of search results of spots through the AR view. This app recommended for people have no sense of direction.
- Move the map in the search window with a mark "@", for example, "@placename","@address", etc.
- This app also supports URL scheme started by "aroundunavi://".
- Footprints featured. Footprints, pink marble of GPS histories support you arrive at the destination without losing the way.
- Offline KML featured. Download and Import (file of spot information) KML files from the Web, once downloaded you can view offline its KML spots.
- You are here / search center / destination e-mail transmission function deployment. To send an email with added Google Map link URL, address information, and Around Useful Navigation starting URL. This app can provide the place for friends of feature phones, and supports the arrival at the destination is displayed in the "Histories of launching by URL scheme" of Around Useful Navigation if installed of course.

- Available in 3G or Wi-Fi network areas.
- There is the case of acquisition by the current location difficult place, situation GPS.
- There is a case which cannot be used properly due to circumstances such as train cars and electronic compass.
- In order to use the GPS, please care to your remaining battery power because battery consumption.
- Do not guarantee the results.
- Distance from the current position is an aim.

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