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ask man ask woman 18+
ask man ask woman 18+
ask man ask woman 18+


Hey girls and boys  ever wondered what the opposite sex really think about you or something about you? maybe the way you look,what your wearing, what they think about your body parts or structure maybe?.

Its difficult to get the real truth as most don't have the courage to tell what they really think when they know you for fear of offending or hurting feelings. But a stranger might introduce the reality as they don't have the same level of emotional attachment to you or duty of care a friend or relative might .

Do you think you could ask the question or Put yourself forward for scrutiny ? . 
You might not like what you hear or what you hear may be surprisingly good. 
Seek the reality on ask man ask woman from  men  or women over 18.

A full review of you for free and in a very short time, without pacifying, even if the response is likely to be bitter. No holds barred opinion on the opinion you seek is the deal with sincerity and honesty 

It's a nice way to begin a friendship or more having helped a boy or girl out with something on his or her mind or just have fun chatting after. .

You can text and attach photo's and video to help express yourself in the App.

Go ahead and ask away.

Going out and not sure what to wear ? 'ask a man 18+' his opinion of how you look with what you have decided to wear before you put yourself out there. 

Boys do you think you need to work on your ab's a bit more? 'ask a woman ' her opinion of how you look and ask whether you need more definition.

New hairstyle girls and boys ? 'ask what the other thinks about your new look.

Wondering what men think about commitment?. Ask Men.

If you have always wondered what is the most attractive parts of you simply upload pictures or video and ask away for a full review from many men and woman then you can dress to compliment your best assets. A full review of you for free and in a very short time. It May be a great confidence builder.

Ask anything, be cheeky and naughty if you please but have fun but note that you might not like what you hear and it may offend you . If you cant play the game don't get in it.
But if it be the truth you seek welcome.

How it works :

Only Males respond to females

Only  Female respond males 
women log onto 'ask man ask woman 18+' App and submit whats on their mind seeking a response from a male perspective and only Men over 18 respond offering a male perspective on the request helping the girls out. And visa versa:

Men  log onto 'ask man ask woman 18+' App and submit whats on their mind seeking a response from a female perspective and only women over 18 respond offering a female perspective on the request helping the boys out. ....Simple as that .Team work.

It's pretty much the same way man and woman compliment one another and together and only together essential for continual existence of the human race, but and there is a but:

we are 2 variations of the same specie and our minds exist in 2 different worlds. Men and women think, react and reason differently to the same situation and with different needs and thoughts. 

The only way to truly establish what a man or woman truly thinks about your look or how the opposite sex see's you  is to ask the opposite gender and someone you don't know who has no emotional attachment to you and no duty of care to try and pacify you trying not to offend or hurt your feelings, a stranger would present the reality.

  This App is for over 18's there is the other available App ' ask a boy ask a girl' for under 18's for download............

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ask man ask woman 18+

ask man ask woman 18+

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