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Attentive Legacy
Attentive Legacy
Attentive Legacy
Attentive Legacy
Attentive Legacy


Attentive Legacy - The first app which includes a Lockscreen, Banner & Flashy Notifications.

Important notice: This version of Attentive is completely unlocked and it is including all functions!

This app shows notifications to the right time. Never miss any notification in future. Additional every component is highly customizable. So feel free to show off your style!

Lockscreen // Unlock and just smile!
- Up to 4 widgets, swipeable
- Custom unlock/lock sounds
- Notifications directly on the lockscreen
- Includes the Visual Editor to edit colors, fonts, themes and icons in your style
- Up to 5 shortcut apps and settings
- Choose between themes
- For every time the right background
- Custom Unlock transitions
- Experimental features like Google Maps on Lockscreen
- And so much more....!

Flashy Notifications // Get notifications when your screen is off
- Choose your theme you like
- Dismiss, unlock or open the notification
- Setup a sleep time to sleep well
- Includes the Visual Editor to edit colors, fonts, themes and icons in your style
- Other clever functions to save your battery
- Let the led flash when a notification comes in
- And so much more....!

Banner Notifications // Banner notifications when you need them
- Notifications in any game, video, and so on
- Choose between many themes
- Select the mode when you want to get them
- Set the display timeout
- Includes the Visual Editor to edit colors, fonts, themes and icons in your style
- And so much more....!

Attentive, a community project
An awesome property of Attentive is, that it is a running community project. Continuous new functions, features and customizations will get added. So it will never get boring!
Your idea, questions or setup is always welcome.
Join the community: http://goo.gl/ellpTe

This app uses NotifySC
This app is working with NotifySC. An app to transfer notifications save and steady. To receive notifications you need to install this service. (More information in Attentive InfoCenter)

Community: http://goo.gl/zcqG14
KvnX Dev on Google+: http://goo.gl/M19qWO

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Attentive Legacy

Attentive Legacy

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