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Auto Search for COC game
Auto Search for COC game


The name Clash of Clans is property of its respective owner. This is not a game. This application is product of AutoGame . It has no affiliation with the official game or developers of the game. This application is intended to assist people while playing the official game. This application support player auto search opponent by condition. more and more easy. All image, characters,and game content are copyright of their respective owners and use of this app falls withing fair use guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns or feel like there is a copyright or trademark violation, please contact my email and we can discuss it.

★This is the Best Auto Search Tool for Game COC

★It safe, no hack/cheat and modify any data of your games

★It free and without any malicious plug-in

★Let your clan to stronger and victory:
Helping users save time, improve efficiency of game, and get better game experiences.
Please share it to your clan or your friend

★Forever upgrade and release autogame tool continuously:
Currently, autogame.mobi has provided free Auto tool for various hot games. Please see website of http://autogame.mobi for more information
★How to use :
►Pre requirement :
1.Rooted your Device
(How to root : many guide when you search on google )
2.Install Auto Search COC
3.Watch video how to using tool Auto Search COC at here for more detail

@@@@@@Please do not go to bellow step until your device rooted! @@@@@@

►Step by Step using Auto Search COC :
1. Run Auto Search COC App
2. Setting your condition (Gold/Mana)
4. Click submit button (Red button)
5. Switch to screen of COC
6. Go to screen search resources then search 1 time
7. Click icon of Auto Search COC to start search resource by your condition

*When need close app, just hold button search and drag to (x)

★Support when have error :
If you have any error with autogame APP please write email with content as following:
1.Device error occur
2.Step by step error occur
3.Attach 1 Image ScreenShot of screen COC when you Find a Match
(How to ScreenShot : many guide when you search on google.)

Then mail to us infoaio@gmail.com / support@autogame.mobi
We will analyze error and repair app as soon as possible!
★Strategy of AutoGame :
The most considerate and convenient autogame are from the most professional development team. No matter what the types of the games: Strategy, Puzzle,Card,... AutoGame can make you enjoy the games with ease and save your time
★Suggestion /Idea :
If you have any idea / suggestion please contact us at:
support@autogame.mobi (please specify your idea as detail as possible)

★Supported languages:
Auto COC is very simple, it use few icon of game . So it not depend any language

1.Please root your phone to use this tool .
2.Auto COC will require root permission first time. please allow it
3.Auto COC support more than 4000 device of android include x86/ART/Bluestacks at the present.

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Auto Search for COC game

Auto Search for COC game



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