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Azaan - Salaat Companion
Azaan - Salaat Companion
Azaan - Salaat Companion
Azaan - Salaat Companion
Azaan - Salaat Companion
Azaan - Salaat Companion
Azaan - Salaat Companion
Azaan - Salaat Companion
Azaan - Salaat Companion
Azaan - Salaat Companion


Azaan - Salaat Companion is your partner to save you from going astray and listen to the Athan call that invites you for prayer. Azaan - Salaat Companion does not rely on a prayer call being heard from a mosque nearby however assures to wake you up or alarm you about the Athan as per its time so that you not just hear the Athan but also head to offer your prayers and a compliant muslim.

Azaan - Salaat Companion is a silencer for all excuses of missing an Athan and helps muslims be well area of prayer timings such as that of Fajr when mostly everyone is in deep sleep and more susceptible to miss their prayers. Athan is a call to prayer and marks great significance in Islamic history and is followed to date in Islam.

Azaan - Salaat Companion enables us to have Athan alarms on our phones which are always with us and handy. This Athan call may be set for specific prayer timings as well or however chosen by the user. Azaan - Salaat Companion has an explicit collection of Azan types to be set as alarm tones to awaken us from our life routines and signal us that its prayer time which not only include Azan calls of different types and origins; but also enables to set Islamic verses as an alarm for prayer timings.

Azaan - Salaat Companion is like a mosque which is always with you and prompts you prayer times just how a mosque of your nearby area would, even if you’re not in a muslim state. Such a situation is futher eased by the qiblah finder this app offers. The compass designed in this app is meant to guide you towards the qiblah direction along with specifying your distance from the Kaa’bah as well. This helps you offer prayer on time and in the right direction.

Azaan - Salaat Companion helps you keep track of the Islamic calendar as well which keeps you well informed about the hijri calendar which all muslims should be aware of. Azaan - Salaat Companion along with its Azan alerts also provides masjid directions. Yes this app notifies you the distance towards the nearest mosque so that you may have the opportunity ti offer your Salat in a brotherly environment at the masjid.

The hijri calendar not just helps you keep track of hijri dates but also helps you be priorly knowledgeable about significant holy months is Islam such as Rabiulawal. Azaan - Salaat Companion is meant to help you be a better muslim and guide you towards the mosque to offer your Salat on the call of Azan so that you face the qiblah direction and offer your owed Salat to Allah Almighty.

- Customized Azaan alarm for desired prayers times.
- Nearby Mosque Navigator
- Qiblah direction prompter
- Variety of alarms such as Ayats and selective Azaans
- Hijri calendar adjustments over Gregorian calendar

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Azaan - Salaat Companion

Azaan - Salaat Companion

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