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Badge of Honor Cube Heroes
Badge of Honor Cube Heroes
Badge of Honor Cube Heroes
Badge of Honor Cube Heroes
Badge of Honor Cube Heroes
Badge of Honor Cube Heroes
Badge of Honor Cube Heroes
Badge of Honor Cube Heroes
Badge of Honor Cube Heroes
Badge of Honor Cube Heroes


Badge of Honor Cube Heroes delves into a dark world of murder, suspicion and secrets. Play as a detective following a lead on a brutal murder of which he may or may not be guilty. Vast maps will challenge your mission as you arm yourself against enemy fighters who will stop at nothing to see your quest fail.

*** Rate kindly! Badge of Honor Cube Heroes is filled to capacity with enemy mobs, amazing perks and dangerous obstacles, and as such the maps featured in this game are MASSIVE. Please don't penalize us with a one-star review if load time takes awhile, after all, this is a FREE game. We just wanted to ensure every thrilling minute was fully loaded with as much action packed fun as we could fit into each level.***

☠Turning Point: Dark Moment-
A woman buys an antique trunk from a junk shop and discovers a mummified body inside-- the body of her son she believed was at his father's for the week. The woman is blamed for a murder but she swears innocence. As a family friend and renowned detective, you step up to the plate and begin the investigation when every shred of evidence along with a hazy memory suggests the culprit is none other than yourself. How this could be, you can't even fathom, but as a long-time and secret sufferer of nighttime terrors that often end with you waking strange places, the fear of truth shakes you to your core. You are prepared to turn yourself in when a new lead suggests you may not be to blame after all. As relief at your innocence fades, your anger at being set up begins to consume. It's time to get to the bottom of things and bring to light the face of this brutal murderer who has it out for you.

☠Watch Your Back to Stay Alive-
Your investigation has led you down a dark path, and the trail of evidence points to a powerful cult that has become a nationwide issue, but why would these members target you? The truth reveals itself when you meet up with the father of the dead boy who once secretly hid his ominous mark, but now bares it proudly. Enraged over your involvement in his family life, he has set his sights to destroying not only you but the mother of his dead son who he once called his wife. To defend yourself and save the life of the woman you've come to care for deeply, you will face a pack of the most brutal warriors in recent history.

☠Dangerous Battles
Track down every last member and restore peace to the city. These deadly members must be stopped at all cost. Heart pumping action follows you around every bend as you confront barbaric fighters intent on your demise. Destroy these clan members in death matches that demand you fight for your life. This real action arcade game boasts stunning pixilated graphics and easy pad based control pad. This aggressive combat experience is certain to leave you on the edge of your seat!

◆ Block World Style Graphics
◆ Endless Combat
◆ Selection of Ammo, Health and Speed Pickups
◆ Melee and Firearm Weaponry
◆ Three Challenging Maps to Play:
-Airplane Carrier and Park
-Forest Arena

**** DISCLAIMER ****

Badge of Honor Cube Heroes is not associated with Minecraft nor any of its skins, textures or characters. This game is an epic creation of its own that boasts exciting running and shooting action adventure. Enjoy!

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Badge of Honor Cube Heroes

Badge of Honor Cube Heroes

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