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Bangkok Travel Guide
Bangkok Travel Guide
Bangkok Travel Guide
Bangkok Travel Guide
Bangkok Travel Guide
Bangkok Travel Guide
Bangkok Travel Guide


One thing to remember when you travel to Bangkok is that it's the capital city of Thailand. King Rama I created the city.

It is a combination of old and new country. This city truly shows the respect they have for their traditions along with their coming into modern day society.

In every way you look at it, this truly is the capital, as this is where the Royal family lives as well as being the main location of the government and administration.

It is the major center for industry, commercialism, and financial activity. It's the main port and it's inhabited by roughly 1/10 of the United Kingdom. Bangkok is located at the Chao Phraya River, which flows into the Gulf of Siam.

The proper name of the capital Bangkok is Krung Thep, or City of Angel when translated. It is thought of as the heart of this place, spiritually, physically, and symbolically.

When you first arrive in the city there is an impression that Bangkok is a progressive metropolis due to the skyline composed of high-rises, condos, hotels, stores, and malls. This is just one of the appealing things about Bangkok.

This city is indeed the most exotic capital in all of the Orient. Even though Bangkok is a progressing city, the people of Bangkok have never forgotten the traditions, which made Bangkok this wonderful place.

Among the 400 various Buddhist temples, you are confronted with much inspirational splendor, much of which allows you to see the achievements made in art.

There is so much more to discover than what you see at first. There are the major attractions, but there are some places that are known less. One place is Wat Ratchabophit. It's ornamentation and layout with numerous monuments is a place to visit. Another place overlooked often is Bangkok's Grand Palace as well as National Museum, and Wimanmek Throne Hall, as well as Jim Thompson's house.

You can get true insights into the culture and rich history if you explore the historical Chao Phraya River. There are so many things to see and visit because there is still much of the past, which influences this culture along with modern advances. The people join together their love for the past as well as their enthusiasm for the present and create this wonderful place.

One of the true joys for those inhabitants is food. They have very spicy and rich foods. The national specialty foods are fish, crabs, lobster, and shrimp. They also have other places to eat besides those serving the foods mentioned above. Dining in Bangkok is indeed a treat! There is anywhere from fancy, sit down restaurants all the way to curbside food places. There is something for anyone's tastes.

Bangkok Temple of Dawn from Thailand Photo Library Another way the Thai's enjoy life is their entertainment as well as their nightlife. There is something for everyone in your party. You can see a classical Thai dance as well as have cocktails in a lounge. There are even discos for those who enjoy the sights and sounds of disco.

The most popular sport that has spectators in Thailand is Thai kickboxing (Muay Thai). Thai Kickboxing requires participants to use feet, knees, elbows, as well as fists that are gloved. Most nights of the week in one of the stadiums, you could see one of these matches. While visiting you really shouldn't miss it. It's really exciting to not only witness the match, but also the sights and sounds around the ring.

If you wish to partake in something of a high-class nature, then you will want to visit the Thailand Cultural Center, which has just recently opened. You can witness performances of dancing, music, and even drama. The other places you can possibly catch a show would be at some of the top rated hotels.

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