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Beginners Guide To Golf
Beginners Guide To Golf
Beginners Guide To Golf
Beginners Guide To Golf


Many people who have sport spirit find golf as a very interesting activity .
What is so interesting about this game ? People get fun while hitting a ball (white ) with metal stick ; they find it interesting while trying to get this white ball in a little hole .
This is just more than a physical sport , your mental level also plays a very important role while playing this interesting ball game .
Golf is generally a ball sport in which golfers use many types of clubs to hit this white ball into a series of little holes on a course .
Golf is one of the most popular ball games that do not require a standardized area of playing .
It requires an arranged course that must consist a managed progression of either 9 or 1 8 holes (each hole must contain a tee box ) .
Many people feel this way that golf is a good walk wasted .
Million of golf enthusiasts all over the world feel that , this is the only activity that is good to have fun with a white little ball .
This game was invented in the fifteenth century and evolved in 1 7 5 0 .
Golf is a challenging game that requires both your physical and mental awareness .
If you hit a bad stroke , it can affect your next stroke too .
Golf lovers can improve their game by spending thousands of dollars on golf videos , new equipments , books and lessons from experts .
Golf equipment and golf industry have been improved .
People used to use golf bags as an easier way to carry around balls and clubs .
If you want to improve your game then you just need to use the best equipment .
Equipments really play a very essential role and it makes a difference in how well you strike the ball .
There are various choices are available of the equipments .
Beginners are advised to choose the best equipment and clubs that are the most forgiving .
Golf for beginners Both rules and etiquette are involved while choosing the right equipment to the golf course .
There is a limit of clubs in each golfer ’s bag and this limit can reach up to fourteen clubs .
There are certain circumstances that allow golfers to borrow club during a round of the game .
You can borrow , but is against the rule .
Beginners are advised to have all the clubs they require during the game .
Beginner golfer doesn ’t play by the rules first time , even if they don ’t want to ask again and again your playing partners to make use of their equipment .
Beginners are advised to have their own clubs and bags .
They should start to use used clubs and bag initially .
Plenty of tees and golf balls are quite important for beginners .
A player can lose lots of balls in first time .
There are several things that beginners need to remember for most rounds of the golf they play .
When players play golf first time , they want to reserve a tee time that is very necessary .
They can also get a tee time by calling the course the earlier .
A tee time depends on the policy of course .
Players can call the course a day before by requesting a specific time they want to play .
Once players reserve a tee time , actually making a tee time will prove beneficial for them .
Players can reach to the golf course at least half an hour early , so they should plan to get the course early .
If players need a good warm up before the game they can reach up to 1 hour early .
Many golfers arrive early as they want to be safe .
Don ’t miss the tea time as you have to wait on a busy day or might loss spot .
Golfers can wisely spend their time if they get the course early .
They can hit a few balls on the driving range .
Golf course In beginning as you are just learning the game and you make bad shots (ball is struck off center ) .
Poorly hit shot require perimeter - weighted clubs .
This sort of club places the most weight of it around the edges .
Beginners can also look for the iron club head if they want to get the ball in the air .

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Beginners Guide To Golf

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