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Better Dash Torque Pro Plugin
Better Dash Torque Pro Plugin
Better Dash Torque Pro Plugin
Better Dash Torque Pro Plugin
Better Dash Torque Pro Plugin
Better Dash Torque Pro Plugin
Better Dash Torque Pro Plugin


You're on the road to improve your driving - Better Dash is your one glance dial to help achieve it.
See your speed, revs and fuel economy **(or POWER)** as a visual display. And see the recent history of your driving so you can stay focused on the road.

**** RECENTLY ADDED**** 0-60 timer which records a visual of your revs and power as you accelerate (not just 60 - set for any speed you like). Just adjust the desired speed in the settings and the timer will start as soon as you pull away. Once completed you can take a screenshot of your dial. **** RECENTLY ADDED****

Better Dash requires the full version of Torque and an appropriate OBD2 reader (set to faster connection in Torque if possible).

Let Better Dash help your fuel economy by showing when you:
- Accelerate quickly
- Vary your speed when in traffic or on twisty roads
- Decelerate quickly
- Keep a higher speed that uses more fuel
- Trip average economy versus target

And the POWER dial shows:
- When you are keeping the engine in the ideal power band
- Shift alert when you exceed your set revs
- 0-60 timer and visual display of speed, revs and power

The economy colors show how your current economy compares to your target:
- Green {above your target economy};
- Light Green {between 75% and your target};
- Orange {between 50% and 75%};
- Light Red {between 25% and 50%}; and
- Red {less than 25%)

Better Dash adjusts these when accelerating to make it possible to stay green or light green if you speed up gently.

POWER dial:
- Red {above target}
- Light Red {between 75% and your target}
- Orange {between 50% and 75%}
- Yellow {between 25% and 50%}
- White {less than 25%}

In either mode, set the dial maximum speed to get the most out of Better Dash. For city driving for example you can set the dial to max 40MPH (or 60KM/H). If you do need to go above the set maximum speed, the dial will automatically re-scale.

All other features such as maximum revs, shift alert, target economy and power are fully configurable. Just tap the dial and click the options menu.

Supports speed unit of measure: MPH and KM/H
Economy: MPG and KM/L
POWER: HP at wheels

Setup your vehicle profile in Torque Pro to make use of the power features.

**English language only**

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Better Dash Torque Pro Plugin

Better Dash Torque Pro Plugin

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