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Bharat Ka Itihaas
Bharat Ka Itihaas
Bharat Ka Itihaas
Bharat Ka Itihaas
Bharat Ka Itihaas


The history of India is one of the grand epics of world history and can be best described in the words of India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru as "a bundle of contradictions held together by strong but invisible threads". Indian history can be characterised as a work in progress, a continuous process of reinvention that can eventually prove elusive for those seeking to grasp its essential character.

The history of this astonishing sub continent dates back to almost 75000 years ago with the evidence of human activity of Homo sapiens. Amazingly, almost five thousand years ago, the inhabitants of the Indus Valley Civilisation had developed an urban culture based on commerce and sustained by agricultural trade.

In the app, the below given ages of indian history have been described in detail.

1 Vedic period

1.1 Vedic society
1.2 Sanskritization
1.3 Sanskrit Epics

2 "Second urbanisation"

2.1 Mahajanapadas
2.2 Upanishads and Shramana movements
2.3 Magadha Empire
2.4 Persian and Greek conquests
2.5 Maurya Empire

3 Epic and Early Puranic Period - Early Classical Period & Golden Age

3.1 Southern India
3.2 Sunga Empire
3.3 Northwestern hybrid cultures
3.4 Satavahana Dynasty
3.5 Kushan Empire
3.6 Roman trade with India
3.7 Gupta rule - Golden Age
3.8 Vakataka Dynasty
3.9 Empire of Harsha
3.10 Chalukya Empire

4 Medieval and Late Puranic Period - Late-Classical Age

4.1 Northern India
4.2 Southern India
4.3 Rashtrakuta Empire
4.4 Pala Empire
4.5 Chola Empire
4.6 Western Chalukya Empire
4.7 The Islamic Sultanates
4.8 Delhi Sultanate
4.9 Vijayanagara Empire

5 Mughal Empire

5.1 Post-Mughal period
5.1.1 Maratha Empire
5.1.2 Sikh Empire (North-west)
5.1.3 Other kingdoms

6 Colonial era

6.1 Company rule in India
6.2 The rebellion of 1857 and its consequences
6.3 British Raj
6.3.1 Reforms
6.3.2 Famines
6.4 The Indian independence movement

7 Independence and partition (1947-present)

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Bharat Ka Itihaas

Bharat Ka Itihaas

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