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Bible Q & A From Four Gospels
Bible Q & A From Four Gospels
Bible Q & A From Four Gospels


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This book, written after my first book titled Bible Q & A From Genesis & Exodus of the same series, tries to give answer to the questions that are carefully gathered from the four gospels, that believers may have when they study them.

The fours gospels are records that give a comprehensive revelation, testimony of Jesus Christ. Not a few believers are very often just aware of the miracles performed by Jesus. But they cannot take in the riches in the four gospels because they cannot find answers to the questions they encounter when reading them.

Jesus says, ‘when anyone hears the message about the kingdom and does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what was sown in his heart. This is the seed sown along the path.’ (Matt. 13:19) Therefore, when we do not understand something in our Bible study, and if we do not try hard to understand it, the evil one will come and snatch away the words of God in our heart. On the contrary, if we can understand the gospels more, not only can we benefit from them, but we can also at the same time share them with other saints for their benefits and enjoyment of the Lord’s grace.

It is the hope of the writer that through this book, Bible Q & A From Four Gospels, the words of God will shed light on the saints so that they can know the Lord deeper and that they will be driven to study the Bible seriously and in detail, and to understand the words of God deeper. And all this will equip them fully and make them grow in their spiritual life so that they can serve others by applying the words of God.

The writer thanks God whole-heartedly for all His grace and mercy. May glory and praises be unto our gracious Lord Jesus and God the father forever and ever!

Samuel Ching
July 2015

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Bible Q & A From Four Gospels

Bible Q & A From Four Gospels

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