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Birthday Greetings eCards
Birthday Greetings eCards
Birthday Greetings eCards
Birthday Greetings eCards
Birthday Greetings eCards
Birthday Greetings eCards


Easy to use Birthday Greetings eCards ,many simpletons with limited resources can now add ‘Happy Birthday’ text andphoto frame to their images and mask them with varieties of stickers for photo effects. It’s simple and easy to use.
Birthday Greetings eCards App has also come to decorate your photos and images with multi photo frames like balloon photo frames, gift photo frames, ribbon photo frames, flower and vintage photo frames. Available fun stickers to mask and gives photo-effect to your pictures. Also, with family photos you can mask and create cool photo images of family.
Free download Birthday Greetings eCards app for free only from Play Store.
All you require to share them is an Android smartphone device. And for all those Android users, you only need 2.3.3 and above.

In Birthday Greetings eCards app, there are only 12 unique photo frames to personalise your pictures. Photo frames come in landscape or portrait. Can use for high resolution images.

Birthday Greetings eCards app consists of :-
# Unique 40 free with various backgrounds and designs on cards to choose from.
# Camera action. App uses intrinsic camera function of your smartphone.
# 12 photo frames. Picture frames of specific size of 320 by 490 pixels can cover nicely most smartphone screens.
# 16 mask stickers available to edit on photos including beautiful ‘Happy Birthday’ text.
# Push Notification ( To alert users for any developers news and events)
# All time life Quotes
# Fitness & Health Tips from RSS Feed of Huffington Post
# Share App like birthday cards and look for Facebook option or email.
# Countdown to New Year 2017
# Bonus for Birthday Greetings eCards app is the famous board game The Marbles.

To add Photo frame to a live selected image,
1. Locate camera to the image you desire. Place frame over the image.
2. Select Camera from App Menu.
3. Select ‘Take picture’.
4. Select a frame and place desired image inside the frame and ‘click’.
5. Save framed image in gallery.
6. Select framed photo and share via Facebook, email, Dropbox, Messenger, Skype, Telegram, Gmail, Instagram, WhatsApp and Google drive
In Birthday Greetings eCards app, 16 unique stickers to make personalised and fun photo effects. You can repeat stickers on a photo. Nature images can be made into slides that can be collected from each photo matched with each frame.
To add stickers and photo frame to a photo,
1. Select ‘Photo Effect’ from App Menu.
2. Select ‘Open’ and choose photo from your photo gallery.
3. Select ‘Mask’ and press ‘Choose’.
4. Choose the stickers, as many as you want and mask the photo.
5. Select ‘Send’ and select, either to save masked picture in Photo Gallery or share via app.
6. Select ‘Ok’ and voila!
7. Repeat to make many cool photo effects. Create and make your best photo effects.
8. Photos can be rotated to your liking.
9. Stickers and frames can be mix and match.
Birthday Greetings eCards also comes with 40 greeting cards, fun puzzle of 3 levels of ability, inspirational quotes and event calendar. Also include appshare for sharing app with friends and family.
Have endless fun by masking the archived or saved photos. A beautiful photo can be saved and shared with added frames to make –unlimited images and house in selected setting at a later time.
Don’t miss the fun of putting effects on your cherished photos. Frame photo and edit foto now for long lasting memory of loved ones and family.

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Birthday Greetings eCards

Birthday Greetings eCards

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