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Blue Light Screen Filter Plus
Blue Light Screen Filter Plus
Blue Light Screen Filter Plus
Blue Light Screen Filter Plus
Blue Light Screen Filter Plus
Blue Light Screen Filter Plus
Blue Light Screen Filter Plus
Blue Light Screen Filter Plus


Is your sleep disturbed by your smartphone?
Bluelight screen filter plus app suggests an easy solution.

This app reduces eye-strain. It is also helpful in reducing stress upon eyes during night browsing. Spending a lot of time fixating on data from smartphones is the new normal, especially in the business world. And it may be robbing millions of smart phone users of untold hours of sound sleep. The blue light filter screen protector reduces eye-strain associated with tablet and Smartphone use.

☆ What is blue light ?

Artificial light is one of the biggest causes of sleep deprivation in modern humans, but there's some special witch magic in smartphone and tablet light that really messes with our sleep cycle — essentially forcing us to stay awake by convincing our bodies that it's actually morning. Smartphones do this because they let off bright blue light.

The solution to a screwed up body clock? Force yourself to do things at the right time of the day — eating at mealtimes, getting to bed at a normal time, and getting up at a good time as well. And, of course, avoid that blue light at night.

☆ What is blue light screen filter ?

The blue light screen filter relaxs your eyes ( Bluelight screen filter plus ). It has most common features.

Automatic turn on /off from sunset to sunrise.
Easy to use : it's easy to turn on or off with just one tap
Powerful filters : you can choose between 9 different filter colors( most common filters).
- Anti-blue light mode for reducing sleep disturb.
- Natural mode for cozy web surfing.
- Refresh mode for relaxing eyes.
- Sleep mode for night browsing.
- Wood mode for relaxing mental
- Four color mode for user-friendly requirements ( Yellow, Red, Black, Green )
- More powerful user-defined filters( make your own screen filters)
Cool animation effects : show animation effect while applying a screen filter ( unique features).
Adjust opacity and brightness : it's easy to adjust with just one drag.
Eye strain notifier : it's easy to relax your eyes. (Try this function to reduce eye strain, Automatically notify proper time to relax eyes)

We are looking for any volunteer for localized translation to improve the quality of this app. Please find this web page( https://code.google.com/p/bluelight-screen-filter-plus/issues/list)

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Blue Light Screen Filter Plus

Blue Light Screen Filter Plus

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