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Blur Photo Background Review
Blur Photo Background Review
Blur Photo Background Review
Blur Photo Background Review


Taking and sharing photos is a delight which majority of users enjoy on their smartphones. Many users, especially those who are very active on social networking websites, go a step further, and prefer adding various effects, filters, stickers etc. to their photos. One of the popular effect amongst these is the Blur effect, which gives a very professional looking, DSLR-ly feel to photographs without the hassle of actually buying an expensive camera equipment.

The Blur effect essentially creates photos with focus on one part of the photograph and the background blurred. This effect is also called the pre-focus effect, and it utilizes the Camera’s ability to perceive depth of the objects included in the photo.

With the popularity of the Blur-Focus effect on the rise manufacturers have started providing Blur effect with their stock camera apps, either through after-snap Blur features or through hardware features, such as some smartphones have blur effect is added through the inclusion of two lenses, one of which is responsible for depth perception, provides Selective Focus while taking photographs, provides a Background Defocus mode, that provides the ability to blur sideways, vertically or in a more traditional circular fashion. Recent software updates in some phones also allow any device to add blur effect to Photos.

A Macro shot is an example of extreme close-up photography, where with a good quality camera users can take photos which capture fine details of an object not visible to the eye. Moreover, the background becomes blurred as the focus is on an object which is very close. Macro shots can in principle be taken through any decent camera, and look exceptional. Sometimes, Phone cameras might even have a ‘Macro’ mode to take better macro photographs. There are however some very nice apps available on the app store such as Zoom Camera, HD Camera Ultra etc. which provide a Macro Focus mode.

Some devices do not have Blur features in their stock Camera apps provided by the manufacturer. Users having these devices can download and install third party apps serving as photo editors to add the required effect. Let Blur Photo Background Review app have a look at a few great options from amongst these apps available on the store.

With hardware features on devices being updated at an accelerated rate, it is only natural that soon Cameras with lenses having excellent pre-shot Blur features will be introduced on smartphones. In fact, some apps like the recently introduced camera which is available on any device has a Lens Blur feature which allows users to have pre-focus blur effect, before the Photo has been shot, instead of adding the effect later.

As innovative as apps like these are, they do not provide the same grand effect which a SLR Camera would be able to provide, basically because Blur/Pre-focus depends a lot on the aperture, power and quality of the Camera lens. Nonetheless, while we wait for smartphone Camera’s which will provide outstanding pre-focus blur features, we can definately use third party apps and stock manufacturer’s app to add blur effects on our photographs.

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Blur Photo Background Review

Blur Photo Background Review

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