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BMI Calculator
BMI Calculator
BMI Calculator
BMI Calculator
BMI Calculator
BMI Calculator


This app calculates your body mass index (BMI). Your BMI and the corresponding category is displayed. It tells whether you are underweight, normal weight, overweight, or if you are obese. In detail you can get information about your BMI. You can select your age and gender.

This app is perfect for personal weight. Just type in your height and weight, and the app monitors your weight is normal and healthy or not.

You can calculate your BMI in different units (inches, pounds, cm, kg).

Body Mass Index (BMI) / Indice de masse corporelle (IMC) is a number calculated on the basis of the weight and height of a person. BMI is a fairly reliable indicator of obesity of the body for most people. It is used as a screening tool to identify possible weight problems for adults. BMI does not measure body fat directly. BMI is not a diagnostic tool. For example, someone with a high BMI. However, in order to determine a risk to health or overweight, it would need to carry out further provisions a healthcare provider. These evaluations may include skinfold thickness measurements, evaluations of diet, physical activity, family history, and other appropriate health screenings.

Therefore, some individuals a high BMI but not high body fat percentage.

For example, well-trained athletes have a high BMI because of increased muscularity rather than increased body obesity. Although some people with a BMI of overweight range (25.0 to 29.9) may have obese overweight, most people with a BMI of obese range (equal to or greater than 30) levels of obesity, elevated body.

It is also important to remember that weight is only one factor related to the risk of the disease. If you have questions or comments about the appropriateness of your weight, you should discuss them with your healthcare provider.

- Calculation of the BMI (Body Mass Index)
- Supports two sizes of units - Metric (cm and kg) and Imperial (inches and pounds) (Use the menu button to change the format)
- Keeps history with.

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BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator

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