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Discover how to read people like a book and you will be able to achieve so much more with other people. When you understand what is going on inside of them, then you can influence, persuade and even mind control them.

The way you do that is by learning to recognize certain personality patterns, and ways in which they structure their internal experience.

For example, you can identify whether someone is a person who can handle pressure well and can keep his cool even in stress situations.

There are three main ways how people respond to stress: emotional, choosing or thinking. Emotional people are those who get thrown into certain feelings and then can not do anything about it. Choosing people are those who initially experience the feelings, but then they decide to distance themselves from them and work things through logically. And then there are those who do not respond emotionally at all - they just respond rationally, logically, and think things through right away.

One way you can do this is to just ask them about a work situation where they went through trouble. Emotional people will actually relive the experience to some extent - you can hear the emotions in their tone of voice, you can see how the muscles in their face tense up, their body posture or gestures might change.

For choice people, you might initially see that, but then they go again into neutral state.

And "thinkers" won't go into emotions at all, and just recite the facts.

Now when you read this, it might seem as if thinkers are the best type to be in, but it really depends upon what kind of situation. For example, many of the world's best cooks tend to be emotional people - and that is no coincidence, because in order to be good in their line of work, they need to feel, sense and experience things.

However, a surgeon should not be a highly emotional person, but rather a thinker.

And when it comes to counseling jobs or positions where interpersonal skills are required, then "choosers" are typically best, because they are able to emotionally respond to another person's concern, but they can also see the rational side of it.

So when you are in a high-stress situation for example, you could help an emotional person by saying: "Can you imagine how we'll feel about this situation two years from now, when we look back on all this?"

This essentially helps them to disassociate themselves from the situation.

Depending upon what kind of person you are talking to, different approaches will work most effectively. Also, when you want to motivate emotional people, use emotional words, that get them passionate. Use words like "mindboggling", "intense", "extraordinary".

For "choosers" you can use phrases like: "This is not just exciting and fun, it also makes a lot of sense." And for "thinkers", you just present the hard facts. Mention statistics, talk about "clear thinking" and "the cold reality".

As you can see, it takes some practice to learn to read people like a book - but once you become familiar with this, you can easily use this knowledge to control other people.

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