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Body Language Mastery
Body Language Mastery
Body Language Mastery
Body Language Mastery
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Body Language Mastery

In a concise form we can say that body language uses pictures, expressions, attitudes and behaviors instead of words, as we always issue signals full of information. But those who want to correctly interpret this language, need to know from the beginning that sometimes the lack of accurate and complete information may mislead rather than clarify. Increased attention to body language allows you to notice hidden feelings, sexual preconceptions and intentions, all these through all the senses we use to perceive the world around us.

If you are like most people, then you have at some point found yourself wondering if a person in whom you are interested is sending a little flirting body language your way. Is that guy flirting with you? Is that girl into you? Whether you are a girl or a boy interested in girls or boys, you can answer this question if you just keep some of the following things in mind.

This language is seen by everyone, but not given enough attention. Sometimes we ignore it and try to hide behind words, but we must not forget that we can not fool anyone. If we start to pay attention to our body language, we will increase the ability to read the language of others. This helps us to say whether the other person is happy, sad, irritated or reserved. Or if the person is lying, or if he's anxious or bored. Also, you can see if the person likes you, if agrees or not with what you say.

Another Body Language Attraction gesture to watch out for is the droopy wrist gesture. Women like to use this signal to make a guy feel that he could have full control of her. This droopy wrist signal is perceived by many men as a submission signal.

Interested in learning how to read body language? Would you like to be able to tell when people are lying and understand people's intentions?

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