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Bokotora Attack
Bokotora Attack
Bokotora Attack
Bokotora Attack
Bokotora Attack
Bokotora Attack
Bokotora Attack
Bokotora Attack
Bokotora Attack
Bokotora Attack


They came to earth and started attacking us without any notices.
A multitude of creatures landed.
They were like walking on the shiny road from space.
Who are they? They are ""Bokotora"".

48 Tapazdra explorers had discovered a fossil of
extraterrestrial life from the old Egyptian historical spot.
It seems that there were some pictures which were taken by the general citizens.
However, the fact was stifled by the government intelligence agency.

Now, today, November 11th, 11:11:11.
Their attack against the earth has just begun.
Their looking are so lovely,
that probably most of the people wants to raise them as a pet.
However, they have a mission for invading the earth.
The time limit for the extinction of the human beings is 48 hours.
The fate of the earth is up to us. Don't hesitate! Defeat all of them!

■The information's which has resolved by the Bokotora ecology laboratory.

・The craziest creature, Bokotora is week to attack.

【The traits】
""Captain Bokotora Lv.5""
Who continues traveling over the sea to be the king of piracy.
He ate the something which is known as a treasure of the sea.
Then, he felt something wrong.
He got the dietary indiscretion.

""・Tiger zombie Lv8""
He does not feel any pain even if he will be attacked.
But in fact, he is a frivolous guy.

・Toraneta Lv.9
By merging with gold, Bokotora got much power.
He can be charged from the USB cable.

He is the worst Bokotora.
There are no survivors after seeing him.

■How to play
①Start the game by tapping the button, ""プレイ.""
②Attack the Bokotora by tapping many times.
③Prepare strong weapons by buying from shop using coins.
④Repulse many Bokotoras!

You can repulse the Bokotoras by one tap.
To defeat strong Bokotoras, needs to tap many times.
You can destroy them easily with using weapons.
Keep on defeating them so they can't get to our barricade.

■Recommend for
・People who wants to play a game innocently.
・People who wants to reduce stress.
・People who wants to have refreshment.
・People who has justice for protecting human beings from strange creatures.

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Bokotora Attack

Bokotora Attack

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