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Brain Music System ™ Tablet
Brain Music System ™ Tablet
Brain Music System ™ Tablet
Brain Music System ™ Tablet
Brain Music System ™ Tablet
Brain Music System ™ Tablet
Brain Music System ™ Tablet
Brain Music System ™ Tablet


The Brain Music System Tablet is an Award-winning system that provides revolutionary therapeutic benefits for patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder from the comfort of their own homes – all done within a daily 45 minute maximum morning session.
The Brain Music System Tablet app brings:
-Increased Mobility – taking your therapy sessions anywhere, anytime.
-Smoother Performance – with revised design and more user friendly interface
-Better Connectivity – enhancing the produced outcome and results
-In-depth Analysis – Keep track of different users’ progress through the self-generated .pdf reports
-Automatic Updates – stay updated with the latest version of the BMS system
-And Additional Features
(NOTE: Additionally to this software you need to purchase the MENTe Headband and connect headphones for better results.)
Website: http://www.aatresearch.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AatResearch

What is this system?
The Brain Music System (BMS) is a standard course of Sonified Neurofeedback therapy, tailored specifically to individual patients. By connecting AAT Research’s CE Medical and FDA registered “MENTe” EEG device, the BMS analyzes the components of an EEG output from a user and then converts these waves into music used for therapy.
MENTe: http://tinyurl.com/pyx7azb
BMS: http://tinyurl.com/nm92bt8

How does the system work?
The MENTe headband picks up minute brainwaves emitted by the brain. The brainwaves are transmitted to the device and the BMS interprets the waves, processes them and converts them into musical sounds. These musical sounds are then played back to the user through headphones.

How does the app work?
First time using the App
•Turn on the MENTe Headband and the tablet's Bluetooth simultaneously.
•Scan for devices on your phone and select ‘Brainband’ to synchronize tablet device with the headband. This can be done from the settings section on your phone.
•Pair with Brainband using “0000” as the password.
•Open the ‘Brain Music System’ Application and fill in the registration form. Input the requested data and press [save]. (NOTE: The Device code can be found on the inside of the headband on a white label (Example:MB2-XXXX)
•Following the previous step, a pop up will show up requesting you to send the data filled by e-mail. Choose your preferred means and press send. The email application will close automatically, allowing you to start using the Brain Music System

Create New Account
•Every time a new User/Patient wants to make use of the app a new user profile must be created.
•Open Application and Select [New User].
•Fill all the data in the first page (NOTE: Session number can be a continuation of the PC software version, but it is recommended to restart from 1).
•Select [Next] and fill the remaining data (NOTE: If one or both of the fields don’t apply to the user, insert “n/a” in the appropriate fields).
•Select [Save].
Start New Session
•Create New Profile for every User/Patient or select existing profile.
•Select [Session]
•Turn on the MENTe headband and select [Connect], wait for the device to connect.
•After it connects allow time to Calibrate MENTe Device to the Android Device. (NOTE: MENTe must be already worn)
•The Calibration takes around 20 seconds. Press the [Start] button to start the therapy session. After the device connects automatically press the [Start] button again.
•The sessions take 40 minutes or can be stopped at any time, in both cases the reports are saved automatically. (NOTE: In the review report section that will be mentioned below, one will only find reports of finished sessions (40 minutes sessions). A session must ONLY be done ONCE a day.)

Manage and review existing data and progress
•Select existing profile
•Select [Settings]
•Select [Progress Chart] to review the progress in a progression chart graphic; or select [View Report] to access all the finished sessions’ reports.

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Brain Music System ™ Tablet

Brain Music System ™ Tablet

AAT Research


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