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Brain Vitality Index
Brain Vitality Index
Brain Vitality Index
Brain Vitality Index
Brain Vitality Index
Brain Vitality Index
Brain Vitality Index
Brain Vitality Index
Brain Vitality Index


The Brain Vitality Index (BVI) is an app unlike any other that measures brain health and educates users how to boost the vitality of their brain.

Why is it that we are happy to talk about our physical health, like exercise and diet, but we are not comfortable talking about our brain health?

One measure of body health is the body mass index (BMI) but what single indicator do we have to measure brain health?

With the advance in neuroscience, brain imaging and mobile technology, we have developed the Brain Vitality Index (BVI) that enables us to integrate the latest research in neuroplasticity and apply this information to everyday life.

The BVI applies to us all and has the potential to become as important, if not more important, than measuring our BMI. Brain plasticity medicine and the importance of brain health has significant implications for us all, from our daily outlook on life to the prevention of many lifestyle diseases.

The BVI was developed to increase our self-awareness, because often we are not aware of what we are saying to ourselves or the impact this has on our brain health. This app aims to provide a tool and tailored recommendations to help the brain refocus negative thinking and promote positive thinking. The recommendations are simple and easy to integrate into your life all the time. The BVI offers a way to customise the recommendations for you and brings together the latest research in neuroscience, brain-imaging, well-being and counselling information into an easily accessible platform for you to use daily to improve your brain health and vitality.

To increase your brain vitality daily, you can use the BVI and learn to understand your brain health in order to Live a Vital Life.

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Brain Vitality Index

Brain Vitality Index

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