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Breaking The Habit Guide
Breaking The Habit Guide
Breaking The Habit Guide
Breaking The Habit Guide


Our life is full of good and bad habits .
Most of our life is covered with those habits that we wish to change but we cannot .
Everything starting from our morning routine to daily night sleep everything is ruled by our habits .
So , what these habits actually are ? Can we change them ? Or do we need to live our entire life with these habits only ? Let ’s discover the secret of habits .
9 5 % of our actions are the results of our habits .
Habits highly influence our life style , our income , standard of living etc .
A person ’s character is determined by his habits .
So , if we have inculcated some bad habits then these are surely going to badly impact our lives and these can be a hindrance to achieve success and excellence in our lives .
If one wants to be successful then one has to break the bad habits and replace them with good ones so that a person can show its potential to the fullest .
We should always be the ones that we really want to be .
So , here we are with you to share some ways that will help you to break bad habits and form good ones .
Bad habits includes all those that are related to health such as smoking , or waking up late and there are ones that affect the self esteem like as negative thinking , laziness , procrastination etc .
These should be replaced with positive behaviour which can be a part of one ’s life so that it can provide you the results that you really want .
As per famous scientist Albert Einstein , Insanity means to perform one similar thing again and again just to see its different results .
Same thing happens with the habits , when you keep repeating a same bad habit you keep getting different results and that ’s why sometimes it ’s difficult to remove them .
If someone wants to live the life they really love to live then bad habits must be abandoned and positive ones must be adopted .
How Bad Habits can really affect you ? There was a young boy who was having a habit of drinking alcohol daily .
Actually , he got this habit from college friends which first started with just one sip and continued with 3 - 4 bottles per day .
The young lad was aware that excessive drinking can badly affect his health and it really did up to an extent that doctor warn him to stop drinking or else he may end up his life .
See , I consider this is a happy suicide where knowingly you kill yourself every day and you are happy to know that you are actually dying .
But now he was in control of his habits and even he was willing to leave this habit , he was not able to because he was the slave of his habit .
Slowly his health started deteriorating and he became addicted to it .
He reached at such a stage where alcohol was his daily need and then there were such days when he would become restless if he didn ’t have had any dosage of alcohol and only after getting some dosage he was able to live a normal life .
Now this was the time when he wanted to actually and really “ Break the Habit ” .
But every time he tried various methods to avoid drinking , his desire increased more and more .
Instead of stopping , his desire to drink doubled .
Finally one day , he found that drinking was not meant to be the part of his lifestyle as he never wanted to be a drunkard .
So , on this day he made a firm commitment to himself that from now onwards he won ’t drink .
Yes there were symptoms but his commitment stood like a wall to his desires and finally he was able to break his habit because he really had no desire to drink as now he was aware that drinking is not what he actually wants in life and neither has it suited his character .
And then after 1 0 year the smell of the alcohol automatically drove him away and nrow when he sees others drinking , he wonders why people cannot imagine themselves without alcohol and this applies to everyone who has formed bad habits .

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