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One of the best bubble games 2014! We bet for becoming a hit when the year reaches its end, and then passes to become part of the legend of the kingdom of the bubble burst games.

This bubble shoot game is very fun and super addictive. This is a free game but is not one more bubble shoot burster game in the Google Play Store. It has several particularities as explained below. Even though this game is similar to the others clichéd bubble games, this is unique in several key aspects. Download to discover how to enjoy with every pang done when all bubbles pop.

Tap wherever you want the ball to go on the bubble shooting game scenario. Then the bubble will be shot at that point. The balls follow straight lines and they rebound in the edges of the game screen. This shall let you have more options to put the ball in the desired point, and provide double fun. The player wins when all the marbles are removed from the current screen. The user loses when the bubbles reach the same height where the shooter stays, then every bubble freeze following a pattern, converting every normal ball into frozen bubbles. There is a time limitation to pass each level. A compressor moves down at certain time rate. You should not worry about forgetting this since hurry up messages will be shown if the game detects inactivity. The game is developed to follow an incremental difficulty rating. So, every level set is thought to increment its difficulty compared with the previous one.

The objective of this bubble shoot burst game is bursting all the balls in every scenario. To make them explode you must combine 3 or more bubbles with the same color. When a combination of bubbles bursts it will carry all the bubbles glued directly below the burst group.

Smoothness and simplicity in the gameplay.
Special shaped bubbles.
Fixed scenario background adapted to every Android device dimension.
Well designed colorful balls.
Nice and clean interface.
Flawless game mechanics.
All the graphics and sprites are scaled in running time.
Well tested in both phones and tablets.
Autosave, so can continue your progress whenever you want to.
Dozens of levels. The first set of levels is derived from frozen bubble.
Wooden style. The design follows a line based on wood objects.

For all these reasons, this free game can be so addictive that it can cause bubble mania. Do you want to live a bubble adventure in a epic bubble shooter game? If so, sit back, relax, forget the stress and enjoy bursting bubbles in your Android device, living your particular bubble war.

Have fun playing this bubble shooter 2014!

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Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter

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