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Call Blacklist - Call Blocker
Call Blacklist - Call Blocker
Call Blacklist - Call Blocker
Call Blacklist - Call Blocker
Call Blacklist - Call Blocker
Call Blacklist - Call Blocker
Call Blacklist - Call Blocker
Call Blacklist - Call Blocker
Call Blacklist - Call Blocker
Call Blacklist - Call Blocker


Are you tired of annoying calls or messages? telemarketing, spam and robocalls? then "Call Blacklist" is for you. It has very nice and easy interface, lightweight, yet powerful call blocker application.

You can block numbers from your Phone-book contacts list, calls history logs, or add them manually. Once you blacklist a number, calls from that number are blocked quietly and without any signs of a call.

Block Number On the Go : Whenever there is any incoming call "Call Blacklist" will automatically check the number if it is not blocked but rarely answered by you and seems to be SPAM, "Call Blacklist" will prompt you to add it to black list and reject the call, all this happen live during the call without any disturbance. The prompt will include details like total Incoming calls from this number and average time you spent talking to this number (generally below 5 seconds for SPAM numbers).

Call Blacklist application saves all the rejected/blocked calls logs in Application's Rejected Call logs section, you can access any time to view, You can also have a quick view of recent call logs with blocked calls on Smart Blacklist home screen.

Rarely Answered Numbers/Contacts List : This unique feature of application and helps you to decide which calls you should block, it simply scan your call history logs and find the contacts/number those are rarely answered by you despite number of calls and rank them from most probable of SPAM to least probable of SPAM calls. Simple hit the "Add to Blacklist" button and that number will be blacklisted for future calls. This list gives you suggestion to block the respective number, its up to you which number to block and which to not.

Blacklist will let you to decide which calls you want to block for respective numbers and contacts : Incoming, Outgoing or both. Sometimes you may not want to block certain numbers for outgoing calls. like Network Service Provider number.

You can manage and view your blacklisted contacts and can edit or remove them from blacklist as per the requirements.

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Call Blacklist - Call Blocker

Call Blacklist - Call Blocker

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