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Calorie Counter
Calorie Counter
Calorie Counter
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Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter is the fastest and most flexible calorie counter on the market to date!

It contains all the needed features needed for any dedicated person to lose weight. Access a database of over 80000 foods without needing any internet connection -- this feature makes us the best!


- Very fast calorie counter UI
- An embedded database with over 80 000 of the most used foods out there making this app the spot on choice to log any food that you have eaten. Each food entry has a nutrient report with over 35 nutrients everything from calories protein fat carbs to all the essential vitamins and proximates.
- Calorie Counter offers one of the most extensive nutritional report overview on the market today making it that easier for you to track your dietary goals
- Easily track your dietary plan on the main menu. Track how many calories you have consumed how many you have burned and how many caloried are left to eat.
- Track your goal progress and have an overview on how many weight you have lost and how many weeks are left to reach your goal
- Log exercices/activitys you have performed in a database of over 1000 exercises containing everything from ordinary exercises like jogging sprinting resistance training to daily day to day activitys like carrying loads walking and much much more!
- Track what foods you have consumed what exercises you have performed and what nutrients you have consumed for any given day you wish. Easily swift through the calendar.
- Log all of your measurement properties :
*Body fat
*Arm Length
*Chest length
*Muscle mass
Easily log and track your measurement results and progress.
- Calorie Counter offers great flexibility by enabling you at any given time to modify any of your physical attributes such as current weight current height age etc at your profile.
- Calorie Counter is easiest to use and the fastest calorie counter on the market today.

Your weightloss journey will never be easier than this! So go ahead and join the journey to a more healthy life style today!

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Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter

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