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Celestial Assault Reloaded
Celestial Assault Reloaded
Celestial Assault Reloaded
Celestial Assault Reloaded
Celestial Assault Reloaded
Celestial Assault Reloaded
Celestial Assault Reloaded
Celestial Assault Reloaded
Celestial Assault Reloaded
Celestial Assault Reloaded


Blast your way through the alien hordes, level-up your ship, unlock powerful weapons and skills to take on overwhelming odds in the most challenging and engaging side-scrolling space shooter around, absolutely free!

As a complete re-imagination of the 2012 original, Celestial Assault: Reloaded delivers an engaging and unique challenge unlike any other space shooter.

A simple and easy to understand upgrade system offers a well-balanced collection of powerful and useful upgrades to help you overcome the ever increasing challenge of each mission. There are no "useless filler" upgrades in the entire game, everything has its use and is necessary.

In addition to health, fortune and other fairly standard upgrades, your skills will include 5 powerful special weapons, each with specific behaviors that make an otherwise impossible challenge possible.
- Force Nova - pushes all enemies and projectiles away form the player. Primarily defensive but also kills enemies with their own weapons or each other
- Flame Nova - a spiral of fiery missiles incinerating everything in its path
- Time Warp - slows down everything around the player for a brief moment helping you get out of "bullet hell" situations and overcome difficult boss fights or enemy assaults
- Plasma Beam - cuts through anything it touches, even enemy bullets
- Lightning Blast - fires powerful lightning bolts that automatically prioritize the biggest threat on the screen

Celestial Assault: Reloaded also features 50 missions with 40+ unique enemies, 5 challenging boss fights and 2 additional difficulty levels that can be unlocked by completing all 50 missions on the preceding difficulty.
Higher difficulties enable the player to level-up their skills quicker and also offer a greater challenge, maximizing replay-ability.

This is not the kind of game you beat in one day, it's a game for those who desire depth, replay-ability and a challenge, though it's still balanced in a way that causal gamer's can enjoy.

Also features a free global online leader-board for an ever challenging battle for bragging rights!

NOTE: Contains optional in-app purchases and a single Ad popup that can be permanently disabled by purchasing the "Ad-Free" in-app purchase from the Add-ins page for less than a dollar!

Additional content coming soon:
- new missions, bosses, enemies
- new upgrades, special weapons and alternate ships

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Celestial Assault Reloaded

Celestial Assault Reloaded

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