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Child Of Gaea
Child Of Gaea
Child Of Gaea
Child Of Gaea
Child Of Gaea
Child Of Gaea
Child Of Gaea
Child Of Gaea


All of this is included in the game's story and tutorial.

You play as Main, the tactician who fight to unite the kingdom of Gaea back against the rebellion,
as it is the late Queen's last wish and you want to fulfill it.

The main game-play is very simple,
tap the unit you want to summon,
and tap the summoning circle,
the unit will be summoned on that lane,
and your Gaea Coin will be decreased.

The complicated part is the strategy-aspect of the game,
One of them is the Ghost-Leg System (other name: amidakuji/ ladder lottery).
There is a teleport portal on the battle-field, which teleport your unit
to the other side of the portal upon contact.
So, in the 4-lane battle-field, you have to think,
if you summoned a unit in lane1, it may not reach the end of lane1.

You have 4 castle located left, and the enemy has 2 castle (sometimes only1) located right.
your objective is to destroy enemy's castle,
but there is a black fog which conceal the enemy's real castle between fake castle.
Attacking the fake castle on close range will make your unit disappear.

With more than 15 unique units which divided into 3 different race,
you have to think carefully which unit will you include in your party.
Overall, nature units have more HP,
Light units have more move_speed&attack_speed,
and Dark units have more attack power.
Each race has advantage against each other.
Nature deal extra damage to Light, Light to Dark, and Dark to Nature.
There is different obstacle on the field which give advantage to each race.
Inside a forest, except Nature units, all range-type unit's range distance will be halved.
Inside a fog, except Light units, all unit's attack will be decreased.
Inside a mud, except Dark units, all unit's speed will be decreased.
not only meele and range type units,
there is also a support unit which heal/ give status buff to other units.

The more stages you cleared,
more units will be unlocked,
and most of them is stronger.
But, their summoning cost will be more expensive.

Your resource to summon them named Gaea Coin,
which will be filled over time and,
when you defeat an enemy you will get 50% of that unit's price.
In the late level, you have to rely on defeating enemies to get Gaea Coin.

To help you unite Gaea Kingdom back,
the late Queen has give you 3 magic which you can use (active skill)
which is: heal, freeze, and summon phoenix.
After using each, you have to wait some time (each magic have different cool-down time)

You can watch the tutorial and story-scene any time after first unlocked them.

*note: there is a bug,
*if your background on story-mode/tutorial turned black,
*simply close the application and open it again will fix it

Thank you very much for reading

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