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Clash of Earth: Heroes Defense
Clash of Earth: Heroes Defense
Clash of Earth: Heroes Defense
Clash of Earth: Heroes Defense
Clash of Earth: Heroes Defense
Clash of Earth: Heroes Defense
Clash of Earth: Heroes Defense
Clash of Earth: Heroes Defense
Clash of Earth: Heroes Defense
Clash of Earth: Heroes Defense


New expansion pack from Aliens Invasion, Clash of Earth: Heroes Defense. After the failure of Aliens first Invasion, Aliens clan is coming back to earth planet with massive numbers. Now, they double the size of the invasion and confident in conquering the Earth. But what they do not know is that, now our earth has a Super Hero to help humans military army to defense the Earth! This will be a great war.

NOTE: The Aliens are doubled! But you will have 3 Heroes to choose in defending the earth!

Our Super Hero are:

Hulky the Mechanic: His special ability is being able to put landmine and launching walking bomb!

Ryuga the Sharpshooter: Sharpshooter who can kill big enemy in one blow! Can also call SWAT

Alice the Sergeant: The leader of Marines! Can call marines squad and Battle Robot to hold big enemies!

The same as previous pack, you have all the weapons and ammunition which you will need to battle with these aliens. You need to stop them from passing through the roads. They are moving toward the center of the cities, so your job is to stop them entering the city. Your mission is to stop their destruction plan. Earth need super hero and also a great commander. This ultimate game adventure which contains 24 levels total.
In every level, there are a different number of waves of the aliens monster. Every single wave has numerous aliens; you need to kill all of them. Initially, you would have knife, rocket power, and spaceship back up. Once your power is fill just press the knife and press the road where you want your warrior to be. Same with the other weapons. Don’t forget to build your space shooter tower.

You will have dangerous weapons such as Dynamite, Ice Bomb and Laser etc. Use them when you will be in problem. You can even buy this weapon with coins you will earn. Evens aliens have different kind of weapons so the fight would be not easy. Always take care to survive.
In the laboratory section, there are 6 different turrets available:

• Machine Gun: Machine gun is used in ground battle; it is deadly for the aliens on ground.
• Ice Bunker: This is really important weapon in ground battle, it will slow down the enemy and then you can easily kill them.
• Flamethrower: This weapon is used when you have large number of alien’s infantry in front of you. Attacks several enemies at once.
• Rocket Launcher: This machine is really useful when it comes to the flying objects and sea objects.
• Tesla Mech: This weapon is highly effective on for the vehicles. You can attacks several units at once.
• Laser Tower: This modern weapon is really deadly. Using this you can attack one unit at a time.

Initially, you can use Machine Gun and Ice Bunker. You need to play this game more and more to unlock other turrets. You don't need to mortgage the house to play this sci fi game. You can play it anywhere, anytime. It's Free so download it now and help defend the galaxy from this band of invading aliens.

Features of Clash of Earth (Heroes Defense) :

- This is a strategy based game so you need a proper strategy to battle with aliens.
- Do not take this battle easily because your enemies have different skills and weapons.
- There are 6 different turrets which you can choose to play, you need to unlock them.
- This game consist 24 levels which mean your fun will never end.
- This game has addictive game play, you would get addicted to this game.

The fate of humanity now depends on you! Mow them down and stay alive! Gather your ammunition, because the aliens are living and you are the only one that can stop the invasion. Prepare your soldier, then get ready for action! There will be no second time.

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Clash of Earth: Heroes Defense

Clash of Earth: Heroes Defense

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