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Clumsy Pig
Clumsy Pig
Clumsy Pig
Clumsy Pig
Clumsy Pig
Clumsy Pig
Clumsy Pig
Clumsy Pig
Clumsy Pig
Clumsy Pig


Fly, fly, fly and crash, crash, crash!
Clumsy Pig has no moustache!

Well, moustache or not, this clumsy pig only knows how to crash into everything and it's up to you to fly him around in his jetpack for as long as you can. Why need a helicopter when you can have a state-of-the-art jetpack propeller that can handle your stuff? Yes, he's fearless and brave, swinging by some tasty donuts without eating them (he's not greedy), threatening to knock him off his jetpack, but that doesn't really make him of any use without a clever remote player behind the wheels, making him score more and more points.

Repeat, retry and try to fly!
Crack it up and hit the sky!

Find this game hard? Well don't you cry now, cause nobody said it would be easy, but you should have in mind that everytime you'll feel like quitting, your friends will work their way onto outscoring you, so don't give up that easily and show them what you've got!

How to play:

- when the game starts, try and pay attention to the background. It might be trying to tell you something!
- if you still haven't figured it out by now, just tap the screen to get things moving.

The rest should pretty much be obvious, but just to make sure, try not to crash into anything! It's bad for business and your reputation in general. And don't feel down on yourself if it seems hard at first. Practice for a while and you'll see just how easy you'll start gathering more points with this bad piggy, making all those around you jealous and frustrated (feels good now, huh?).

So, without further ado, there you go: Clumsy Pig! For those of you who think you can stop a silly piglet from crashing into just about anything he encounters in his way. And don't forget, the key to success can be summed up in 3 very special words: practice, repeat, retry! ... and don't cry ... please.

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Clumsy Pig

Clumsy Pig



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