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Effective communication is necessary to become successful in your life .
If you are not being able to describe about your ideas , then you will face failure in your life .
Bad communication skills , make the things confusing for others .
That ’s the reaction you will face in your life if your communication skills are bad You have also seen that some people with confidence and better communication skills are successful in their life .
They are not extraordinary , but their way of communication makes them successful .
They are also well mannered and well organized .
Communication skills are important as they are necessary to explain what you want from others .
If you are an employee then you have to convince your boss who requires confidence and enough communication skills .
Some of us thought that speaking and expressing things are known as communication skills , but it is not that easy .
Communication is not the problem .
Problem is to avail this communication according to your needs .
That ’s called communication skills .
It doesn’t mean that people who are not good in communication are dull or not , have the abilities to do something .
Problem is that they don ’t explain what they are thinking and want to do with their life .
That ’s why communication skills are developed .
Communication is a process in which you convey your message to other in a precise and well mannered way .
This should be done with confidence .
Some stages of communication are : 1 .
Speaking 2 .
Listening 3 .
Motion 4 .
Body language 5 .
Gestures Communication has two types which are as follows : - 1 .
Verbal communication .
2 . Non -verbal Communication .
Verbal Communication .
Communication that includes words which are delivered by a person is called verbal communication .
Verbal communication is very important as it is the best way through which we can deliver our message .
Words are the representatives of our message .
They should be precise and spoke out with care .
Some time we spoke words which should not be spoken out , but at that stage our experience helps us and we wrap those words with our confidence .
There are two more types of verbal communication : 1 .
Interpersonal speaking Interpersonal speaking is a type of speaking in which we talk with person to person .
Manners are the most important thing in this type of communication .
You have to build up your image and reputation by your words .
2 . Public speaking In public speaking , you learn from some great speakers .
It is observed that some people are good in person to person communication but are not good in public speaking .
That ’s why it is necessary to have interpersonal skills as well as public speaking .
Non - verbal communication Non verbal communication includes your motion , hand movement , dressing , etiquette .
These are the symbols that show your confidence .
In today ’s life , it is necessary to use your motion and gestures to show that you are confident .
It also helps in person to person communications .
These things add plus points in your profile .
According to Hippocrates , there are four types of personalities are in the world .
He named them as 1 .
Black bile = Melancholy 2 .
Yellow bile = Choleric 3 .
Phlegm = Phlegmatic 4 .
Blood = Sanguine Every personality has its own characteristics .
But it can be the combination of four personalities , but there is always a dominant personality .
In the following there are four personalities are discussed in detail .

Melancholy People having this type of personality are usually thinker , philosopher , scientist , planner , well organized , idealistic and make plans for their future life .

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