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Compliance Checkpoint
Compliance Checkpoint
Compliance Checkpoint
Compliance Checkpoint
Compliance Checkpoint
Compliance Checkpoint
Compliance Checkpoint
Compliance Checkpoint
Compliance Checkpoint
Compliance Checkpoint


Compliance Checkpoint has been designed by compliance specialists who understand the growing frustration and headache of keeping up with the ever-growing demand for audits and inspections.

This auditing app has been developed for compliance officers and auditors who require fast access to their own questionnaires and the ability to quickly capture audit responses, document corrective actions, and deliver the audit report. This helps you work quickly and efficiently and stores all your completed audits securely in your cloud account.

You get more done, sleep better at night, and have peace of mind knowing you are on top of your game.

Compliance Checkpoint has all the easy-to-use features you need to do your job effectively:

* True offline capability
- You can now do your audits in remote, internet-challenged locations and upload completed audits when re-connected

* Ability to add multiple users and sites. You can add your whole audit team and maintain a history of all audits and corrective actions for each site in your cloud account. Then there's a dashboard where you can analyse results, do scheduling, and manage users - and loads more!

* Set up your own, smart audit questionnaires on your cloud dashboard - or modify questionnaires others have shared.
Now you can:
- Record auditor observations, comments and notes for every question
- Automatically insert commentary based on user response
- Manually or automatically generate corrective actions where infringements are indicated
- Branch conditionally to other questions as you record answers
- Hide or display questions and responses, based on user permissions

* Make your questionnaires unique:
- Capture responses using dropdown lists, checkboxes, date-pickers and formatted text boxes - and each question can be different!
- Make questions critical and/or mandatory (must be answered)
- Organize responses into sub-questions
- Duplicate sections within an audit to accommodate sampling
- Generate a variable, risk-aligned score (which accommodates not-applicable responses)
- Link to online resources and content
- Filter questions on a variety of criteria or show the entire question set

* Generate and manage corrective actions as you do the audit
- Set up questionnaires to automatically create a corrective action where you make a negative response
- Upload multiple evidence such as photos using the device camera, voice recordings and signatures
- (for advanced users) Distribute email reminders and escalations, and collaborate with sites via the cloud to implement permanent corrective actions.

* Seamless cloud integration
- Create new audits, upload completed audits, and access all audits and audit outcomes via our state-of-the-art compliance platform, Compliance Checkpoint Pro
- Automatically email a report on change of status

* Free
- Compliance Checkpoint is free to single users for unlimited questionnaires, audits and reports

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Compliance Checkpoint

Compliance Checkpoint

Compliance Experts Pty Ltd


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