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Compresita connects you to the Internet through a secure VPN connection with military-grade encryption and validates every site you connect to make sure that they are who they claim they are. This way, no crook can trick you with a fake online banking website.

Compresita shrinks* down your data usage by compressing Internet traffic up to 80% depending on the content completely transparently. You can save up to 4 times of the data you use, and in effect stretching your budget much further.

Compresita comes with optional additional features available for purchase when you subscribe. These additional features are:

▪ Traffic Saving – by compressing the traffic exchanged between your device and the Internet to save* up to 80% of your plan. This means your data plan will be *increased up to 4 times for the same amount you pay for your provider.
▪ VPN Connection – to make sure that the users have a complete security and privacy. Our VPN is based on licensed hardware tools connected to various sub-networks with many international gateways. This ensures connection to almost 100%.
▪ WebPurifier – a strong filtering system. It cleans your traffic from unwanted content such as advertising, banners. WebPurifier is blocking bad websites basing on analyzing their content and their DNS settings in addition to checking them in our huge categorized database with over 550 million records.
▪ Antivirus – all your data goes through a virus scanner to protect user from any spyware and malware or threats that can come from some specious websites. The database is hourly updated.

Technical details:
Compresita system fully integrated with OS. It supports all the modern desktops and mobile platforms. The VPN it uses is supported by a large variety of devices and platforms. We currently support PPTP, and in the future, we plan to support the more secure OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec.

With the help of GRE tunnel PPTP connection is established by the server and the end-user device. Encrypted compressed traffic is transmitted through the established tunnel. The level of compression and the type of encryption are agreed between the client and the server at the moment of tunnel establishment. The server supports various types of encryption and compressions, which allows different kinds of clients to connect to it.

Compresita has the following features:
- A client opens a web page, starts checking e-mail and downloading content & attachments.
- The closest to the client server recognizes the client type and provides a script for auto-creation and VPN profiles.
- Server with several multi-processor** VPN routers explores the most available. The client will be attached to this particular device.
- A user launches a prepared script by touching the ‘configure VPN connection’ button.
- The user receives a ready, built-in VPN on a device which is easy to switch on and off depending on user’s needs.
- The client connects through a previously configured PPTP to VPN multi-processor router and gets an encrypted VPN connected with traffic compression.
- VPN multi-processor router collects statistics on the user live and stores it in its RAM.
- Once per minute the server queries all VPN multi-processor routers, gathering statistics using the system and transferring it to the SQL database.
- On client request (web-page or mobile app) the statistics of traffic usage is transmitted to the client.

Compresita editions:
Compresita created to make sure that users can enjoy all features on most poplar devices/platforms: Android (SmartPhone, Tablet, and Tablet mini/Note), iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad mini), Mac OS, Windows, Windows Mobile and Linux-like OS (Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat, etc.)

* Ratio depends on traffic contents. For example, for video/audio streaming will be no more than 3-5% while for social network sites is 60-65%, and text compression can be up to 90-95%.
** Our multi-processor redundant routers are based on Tilera 36-core processor with up to 28Gbit/s throughput.

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