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Computer Network
Computer Network


Computer network that isThe telecommunication network between two or more computers to exchange information. The connection between computers in a network. (Network nodes) will use a cable or wireless media.
networking known as the Internet. The network plays an important role in the present. Because of the widespread use of computers. There was a need to connect those computers to each other. To enhance the system performance. And reduce the total cost of the system. Thus making computer communications and networks. Are very important in the current And to make networking updates all the time. Network used in every situation, the business network was able to use the network to reduce costs by one.
Transferring data between the network. The system has the capability to add more. To share resources, such as processor, memory, storage, computer applications. And devices that are expensive and not available to everyone, such as printers, scanning images (scanner) reduce system cost down.
Network devices that generate data, the data is sent along and join the network nodes. Node consists of a host, such as servers, personal computers and network hardware. Two devices are said to be the network only when the machine is able to exchange information with the other devices in one. In today's highly required to use the network to connect to a remote computer network defence to protect data that is sent to the network or theft of important information by loss.
The network will support an application, such as access to the World Wide Web, the sharing of applications, servers for data sharing, printer and fax machines together and. Using e-mail and instant messaging programs together.
Computer network applications compiled with basic knowledge of networking computers. To the skills of the network more. computer network learning to provide basic and applied to treat various corporate network or not. The engineering basics network system to know for sure. An networking apps is a collection of computer network questions or problems frequently encountered and how to solve it explains the cause of the problem and put into practice. Have fun with the application of computer networks lucky.

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Computer Network

Computer Network

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