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Cooking Game Ice Cream Maker
Cooking Game Ice Cream Maker
Cooking Game Ice Cream Maker
Cooking Game Ice Cream Maker
Cooking Game Ice Cream Maker
Cooking Game Ice Cream Maker
Cooking Game Ice Cream Maker
Cooking Game Ice Cream Maker


There was once a festival held in his town, this festival was organized for the best cooks and chefs in the country. Princess Sofia from the Frozen city of Ice world had organized this festival to find the best cooking chefs and bakers in town.

The princess decided to arrange a cooking Gala, where all the best cooks and chefs would be invited and they tested to their limits to see who the best cook in Ice world was. The Royal guards then distributed the message of the Princess to the people of the town, and they were told about the gala or the festival, the guards posted the words of the princess on the town’s local notice board.

The notice was posted and this is what it said -
“Oh, noble citizens of Ice world, we are arranging a festival for you, where all the best cooking chefs among you will participate and show your cooking skills. You will have to register your self for this festival and the best cooking chef out of you will be hired as the royal cook of the kingdom as his or her reward, we invite all of you to come to this festival and have fun and play games and eat good food. The festival will start on the 18th of October 1789, we shall be waiting for you all to be there”

The notice was displayed and all the cooks and chefs from the town were ready to participate in this festival. The were all ready to go and get them selves registered for the cooking games.

Just like all others, Mikael was also there, waiting in line to get him self registered, Finally he signed the papers and saw the list of activities that were to be held in the festival. The list contained the following -
> Fun & Games for the children
> Cooking Games & challenges for the participants
> Pie Maker contest
> Burger Maker contest
> Pop corn maker contest
> Ice Cream Maker contest
> Ice Cream Cake Maker contest
> Cake maker contest
> Donut Maker contest
Mikael who was very good at cooking and cooking games, was ready to get into the kitchen and start cooking. He prepared him self before the festival so he was ready in every way. Finally the day had arrived, the who town was shining in lights and flowers, there was fun and laughter everywhere; the Princess had set up a great festival. Mikael who was a little nervous was looking for the cooking games section. After looking for 15 minutes, he found the cooking games section and ran to find his spot in the kitchen.

He prayed to God and was ready to show the world how good he was in cooking games. The participants were then told to start cooking; each one of them was given a name of the dish to cook first.

As soon as Mikael turned the paper to see what he had to cook, his heart beat increased and he was nervous as to what would be on that paper and will he be able to beat all those grown ups and masters of cooking games standing next to him. Finally he built some courage and flipped the paper. It said, ICE CREAM, Mikael was so relieved that he jumped in joy and screamed “ICE CREAM MAKER WOO HOO”!!!

Every one went quite and started looking at Mikael he was embarrassed and started cooking instantly. Mikael knew he was very good at cooking Ice cream. Ice Creams were his favorite things to cook, he had always been cooking Ice Creams since he was very little. His excitement was above the roof. Within a couple of minutes Mikael had finished cooking Ice Cream, his first step of the cooking game was complete here. He kept his ice cream in the refrigerator and ran to the next kitchen, where he had to wait to get the next slip from the host of the cooking games.

He got the next slip and it said, CAKE MAKER! He quickly grabbed the following ingredients and got started.

> Baking Powder
> Milk
> Water
> Salt
> Flour
> Cocoa Powder
> Vanilla Essence
> Eggs
> Cheese
> Chocolate
After hours of cooking and baking, the Princess announced the winner, and it was a shocking decision that the 10-year-old kid had won the competition and become the royal cook of the kingdom.

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Cooking Game Ice Cream Maker

Cooking Game Ice Cream Maker

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