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Course: Google Marketing Tools
Course: Google Marketing Tools
Course: Google Marketing Tools
Course: Google Marketing Tools
Course: Google Marketing Tools
Course: Google Marketing Tools
Course: Google Marketing Tools
Course: Google Marketing Tools
Course: Google Marketing Tools
Course: Google Marketing Tools



Course: Overview
Google Marketing Tools
15 Videos

These videos provide you with detailed 'Over-The-Shoulder' style step-by-step tutorials that leave no technical stone un-turned.

15 part video series

Video 1. Gmail-User Interface Tour
Running Time:6:42

Video 2. Gmail-Customize UI
Running Time:3:38

Video 3. Gmail-Compose, Send & Receive
Running Time:3:58

Video 4. Gmail-General Settings
Running Time:6:55

Video 5. Gmail-Labels
Running Time:4:22

Video 6. Gmail-Tabs Feature
Running Time:3:00

Video 7. Gmail-Filters
Running Time:4:27

Video 8. Gmail-Contacts & Groups
Running Time:5:28

Video 9. Gmail-Labs
Running Time:2:56

Video 10. Gmail-Analytics
Running Time:5:54

Video 11. Google Analytics Account Setup
Running Time:6:42

Video 12. Google Analytics UI Tour
Running Time:5:05

Video 13. Google Analytics Customize Dashboard
Running Time:7:05

Video 14. Google Analytics Add Users
Running Time:2:22

Video 15. Google Analytics Creating Goals
Running Time:10:12


Gmail Tabs are NOT as bad as many will have you believe. Video 06 will show you how to benefit from this new feature & how to turn them off if you still don’t like them
These awesome videos can help you save two items you can NEVER have enough of... TIME & MONEY!

Get & Keep your emails organized! Videos 02, 05 & 07 will show you in detail, how to manage your Gmail inbox and MORE!

You had 30 site visitors & 10 bought your gizmo. Video 15 on setting Google Analytics Goals will show you how to increase your conversions. This video is worth the cost of the entire Vol 07 set!

Google Analytics is a powerful FREE service that provides you with information on your website traffic & sales. Video 12 takes you on a tour of the GA interface so you will know where all the right buttons are located


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Course: Google Marketing Tools

Course: Google Marketing Tools

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